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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Bullying is a social problem many students go through commonly in the educational institutions schools. This thread- that is the biggest obstacle against the healthy development of our children- has reached serious levels. This problem, that is common in the whole world and shouldn't be underestimated, has increased up 50% level according to the results of different studies. Its psychological and sociological effects on the victim students bear very important drawbacks such as depression and anger, not loving school, failure in the lessons, not passing the class and even early dropout. The students use violence against their friends don't obey the social rules, have the potential to commit crime as a result of continuous disciplinary punishments, become addicted to drugs, internet and gambling by getting financial gain forcibly; then it becomes impossible to reintegrate the both groups of students to society. There will be studying and observation phases in European educational institutions within the project to prevent unacceptable bullying, afterwards our participants will focus on the problem with the intervention methods, techniques and evaluation approaches to prevent bullying. The experiences to be gained in this issue, innovative approaches and practices will be transferred to our education system. In the process of staff mobility, our participant teachers will have continuous consultations with the administrators of the European educational institutions, guidance teachers and psychological counselling teacher and educators of the institutions. The socio-metric measurements, surveys, opinions of teachers and the process of self-evaluation of the bullies will be discussed; and knowledge and experience will be gained with evaluation phases. A staff mobility will be carried out by a group of 42 teachers and administrators od schools subject to Gelibolu District Directorate of National Education with simultaneous 6 flows in Germany , Portugal and Netherland between 15/11-21/11/2015 and 22/11-28/11/2015 for that purpose. The results and impacts of the project are as follows: * To learn the methods and techniques used in Europe to prevent bullying in the schools and to implement the good practices, * To develop defense methods against bullying, * To create more productive learning environments, to educate our students as beneficial individuals and to help regulate the public life by raising awareness of families in this regard, * To improve foreign language skills of our participants, personal development and experiences, * To provide our students to be a good citizen by offering them a peaceful educational environment and contribute raising tolerant, discreet and modest individuals and thus the formation of a healthy society, * To improve the quality of education and training in our schools. The project management, promotion and training methodologies will be used during the implementation of our project. The project coordination team will control and evaluate the activities to achieve the project goals; our school, the National Agency and the Ministry of EU will be promoted and the results will be transmitted to large masses through the promotion method; the precautions will be taken for an effective process including preparation and mobility process within the training method in order that the participants can reach the level aimed. The long-term benefits of the project will be to contribute the formation of a society that is away from violence and has mutual understanding and to overcome all problems including early dropout and bad traits by creating healthy educational environments in our schools.



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