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Okuyarak Yenilenen Türkiye
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Turkey, providing the whole population with the opportunity to have literacy education is still a remarkable problem. According to the report of UNICEF, 16% of the World population are illiterate, approximately 17% of the population do not have a signature. These people do not understand what they see, they cannot read newspapers or books and they cannot even write their own names. As recorded on the report of United Nations, every single individual has the right to have literacy education. In the report , it is also emphasized that 164 governments were about to provide illiterate people to have education in Dakar but they could not be able to achieve the goal. In Turkey, investigations show that 5 million people are illiterate and 4.5 million of them are women.85% of the population were illiterate when the republic was proclaimed in Turkey. In that time interval, Arabic alphabet was being used. When the Latin alphabet was accepted, the number of literate people started increasing. Even if it seems as a success, considering 88 years, it is not enough. According to the report of UNDP Human Development Index, Turkey is 96th among 201 country. Individual spendings of health, education, culture and standard of living is investigated by Human Development Index and when it comes to cultural spendings, it seems Turkey has much more serious problems. In developed countries, the individual spending on books is quite high. For instance, 137$ in Norway, 122$ in Germany, 95$ in U.S, approximately 40$ in England, France and Japan. In Turkey it is 40 cents. Reading habit is a big problem in our country and it is also caused by poverty and lack of prosperity. Although it is possible to buy books. As a matter of fact, the main problem is that most of the population do not consider books as a necessity. Purchasing power should be taken into consideration but it is not a remarkable barrier for reading. Lack of economic homogeneity and severe climate in some regions are some of the reasons why reading habit is a big problem in Turkey. Also, the fact that girls are not being educated and they are not considered as an individual because of traditions in some regions. In Yozgat “Girls And Moms in School” Project, as trainees have classes to learn literacy and they are rewarded with the certificates, new datas are loaded on computers ; therefore, Yozgat’s gradation in Turkey is rising day by day. Our goal is to raise the percentege of the literacy in Yozgat and open classes in our Public Education Centre with the techniques that ease the literacy education which will be taken in Europe. At first in Akdagmagdeni borough and then in Yozgat and other cities and regions, we aim to have the literacy education become widespread. To prevent cultural wilderness, and to be a developed country is difficult and it requires plenty of time of work. Our plan is composed exponentially with our project and without wasting time, we are working for our people to make them eager to learn and read. Our main goal is to see people reading in Yozgat and in the whole country, to discard wrong traditions and to have Turkey renovated. In a country where citizens are reading, society contributes lots of things to humanity and its country. In a country people reading, inquiring people arise and information increases in value. In brief, our goal is to make Turkey that country.



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