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Okulum Benim Herşeyim
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project will be a solution for the early school leaving which is one of the biggest problems in Turkey, especially in Eastern Anatolian Region. Every year hundreds of students quit their schools before graduation and this is the starting point of our project. Many students want to leave, or they have to leave the schools because of various reasons. We aim at the educational development of our teachers and students for the solution of this problem as we live in a disadvantageous region in terms of schooling rate. Our school urgently (intensely) needs education at this point. Starting from this point of view, the aim of our project is to decrease the rate of early school leaving by educating our teachers, namely the key people, and to contribute to the solution of the problem in the region by generalising our project. The name of our project is "My School is My All". It will take place in an equivalent partner school in Estonia. It is planned to take 10 days and 9 nights. Totally 11 participants and 1 administrative personel will take part in our project. These participants are our teachers. They're open for the personal development, they love helping both our own students and other students in adjacent schools. they have an active role for their own developments and for their students'. At the same point, sometimes, from time to time teachers of our partner school will take part in our project, and they'll also have an active role in our project by sharing their own experiences with us. Our main activities will be debates, role plays, short presentations, simulation techniques, film slides, videos, group works, brain storming, Philip 66 teaching method, and some other widespread (common) teaching methods. At the end of our project, our teachers who need to develop themselves will have more information and ability about the subject and they'll be more beneficial to their students. The effects of our project are (will be ) to gain our students back by developing our teachers pedagogically and educationally, to interdigitate the students-at-risk to the school, and to contribute to the development of region and Turkey by increasing the schooling rate in the long term.



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