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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project is for 16 personnels who have a mission in school education named Mersin Akdeniz Mimar Sinan Secondary School dependent on Ministry of Education.This Project is formed with two flow courses activity for two groups existed with 8 people in each group to Berlin the city of Germany on the date of 3rd-17th October 2015 and 24th-7th November 2015. With our Project, it is planned to be given a course by the expert for 10 days to the participators about reducing school quitting and Reformal Aproaches in Berlin,Germany. Also, it is planned to observe techniques and methods related to reducing of school quitting by visiting some Secondary Schools in Germany. With these planned activity of our Project , it is aimed to improve youngs’ success who have difficulties in basic skills and have a risk of quitting school in our assosiation. It is also aimed to reduce school quitting ,to make strong career profile of our teachers, to make a comparison about the education system between European Union and our country,to supply our social and Professional connections between our teachers and the teachers in abroad,to improve the awareness of recognizing citizenship of Europe and cultures and to encourage learning a foreign language and variety of language among the personnels. At the same time with the Project activities ; redesign of institutional quality progress,long term and wide measured modernization of our instution and being an international, mission, vision and basic values with the expected output of Project are among the aims of our projects. During the Project, the course will be organized by the experts to the participators of the activity for 10 days. In this course theoretical training will be given in a visual and auditory way. Question and Answer, Brainstorming, Group Discussion and Drama methods will be used in trainings. By the way of visiting instutions,they have a chance to learn techniques and methods practising in schools about preventing school quitting. By the result of visiting, our teachers could have social and professional connections with their European colleaques and they have a chance to share their knowledge and experience with each other. During the Activity,all the process of educational activity, professional developments of participators will be taken as a daily and they will be observed and recorded with measure and evaluation forms. At the result of the Project, it is planned to give Europass Activity Certificate,Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the Certificate of Activity Participation in a national level to the participators. It is considered to transfer participator’s perfection that they will gain to the life.In this way, it is anticipated to be active in complete process of practice of instruction and training.In this way, it is possible that the instution could reach the target results which are about preventing school quitting and the lack of continuity. With the Project coming true, it is expected to decrease the ratio of school quitting and the lack of continuity importantly.