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Okul Terkinin Önlenmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project contains lack of motivation of students to school and subjects, unfruitful subjects because of clasical teaching methods ,careless parents, not understanding of the importance of life-long learning by and having a job with school education because of their way of looking at life economically,inadequate communication between students and school staff, some poor school conditions and it is environment, depending on with all subjects to prevent early school leaving.Teachers in our project could not reach the students who are under the risk of leaving school because of inadequate competency of teachers and behaviour of their parents.In general early school leaving is a big problem in Turkey , even in Kaş it is often become a problem although it is possible to communicate with parents trying to persuade them.Early school leaving is not a problem only to solved with one experience because it has many subheadings.These reasons varied with motivation to school,using interesting metarials in class,using modern teaching methods effectively, to generalize cirriculum, to develop student-teacher-parents dialogues , to reach disadventaged student,sport activities to introduce diffrents culture and languages. With this projectwe aim to solve these problems by taking part in courses in Europe,cooperation with other participant teachers' ideas and suggestions that we could not overcome before. So we want to minimize early school leaving just as in European countries. Our project team consist of 6 school staff; a head teacher ,English,Biology,Chemistry ,Maths and P.E teachers.They are young,dynamic,intrested in education in Europe, problems at school and how European Countries overcome with these problems and what they do to solve preventing early school leaving.Also they came together with agreement of all teachers at school meeting as volunteers. Our activities are going to start with surveys to students and school staff.Goals of these surveys are to bring out students' and staffs' problems and their reasons, also expectations. After taking part in courses in Europe such as; 'Developing Effective Communication Skills Course, Identify The Talent Hidden in Your Classroom ,Preventing Early School Leaving ,Teaching Creativity in Schools by Edward de Bono ,Encouraging Creative Thinking ' we aim to rise up students motivation to school and subject, to communicate with students and their parents effectively,identify and develop the students' talents to use more creative methods in classes,to prevent early school leaving and share our experiences with our school, town, country as much as possible.We plan to arrange meetings with teachers and parents to give information all shareholders with the help of local autorities (Kaş İlçe Milli Eğitim ,Kaş Belediyesi etc),to organize seminers by using media tools. When our project is completed successfully we will provide rising students motivation and their success at school,to comminicate parents more effectively,to understand students' hidden talents in a short period of time.İn a long period of time we expect to prevent early school leaving, to understand life-long learning and language learning by students and their parents, also it will provide other school students' and teachers' motivation to communicate effectively and have more creative classes at school.