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Okul Personelinin Halkla İlişkiler Becerilerinin Artırılması Bağlamında Yenilikçi Bir Model: Okul-Aile İlişkilerinin Öğrenci Başarısı Odağında Geliştirilmesi
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

First of all, our school located in a small settlement in Kayseri which is called Sarıoğlan and it continues education activities in this place. Academic background and educational qualifications of the school staff are average. Besides this, the school staff could not experience the abroad, except the headmaster. The necessity of the public relations is the most important aspect of the student achievement. It is identified that the staff must develop their talents in this public relations field in order to improve the student achievement. The integration of the students’ parents and education system, constitution of the permanent relations between the school and these parents and move these relations to further point is the objectives of this project. Beside these objectives, improvement of the staff’s individual skills and institutional level of the school can be counted as main objectives. On the other hand; to improve the communication level between the staff and parents is important as a specific purpose of this project. Thus, see how the progress of the school and family communication in the European Union countries has vital significance in order to acquire a professional vision to the staff. A course which structured on the basis of the public relations and job shadowing would bring in the staff a complementary perspective.The structure of our project can be described as follows; the public relations education in Belgium and job shadowing mobility in Hungary. First of all, the part of the project in Belgium contains school- family relationships, creation of the corporate image, role of the family in the educational process, innovative and different methods of this process and effective communication techniques. Secondly, the part of the project in Hungary contains job shadowing mobility. As a result, this project contains 13 people from our school staff and this staff will attend both Hungary and Belgium part of the project. In the scope of this project, 2 activities and 26 mobility will take place in total.The expected impacts of the project can be listed as follows:1- The staff would treat to students’ parents with equal manner away from subjectivity and with professional manner.2- The parents would be helpful in accordance with their professions and abilities.3- School would be an education center not only for students but also other members of the society. Accordingly, guidance services and social works would take place.4- Instead of behaving in an authoritarian manner, the cooperation with parents will be held especially, about student achievement and school improvement.5- Informative content will be developed for families in order to evaluate the parent teacher association board meeting. Therefore, parents would be aware of the child development and education and their inadequacies in this realm.6- The idea of school and parent- teacher association board meeting can be seen as useless, result from the lack of school family communication. Thus, thanks to this project these prejudices can be removed and communication skills can be developed. 7- The staff would organize informational meetings for the parents.8- The communication level between the staff and parents would be increased with the belief that every student can be successful in a different intelligence field whatever the success of school. By this means; the parents of students with low achievement levels would not lost their hope and faith. 9- Thanks to this project, the staff will be able to show the real value to the parents and they will be able to eliminate the official environment at the parent-teacher association board meetings which drive from lack of the communication.10- The determination will be easy about the lack of the parents’ child education and development. In accordance with determined needs, the staff will be able to hold the conferences and seminars.11- Alongside these benefits, they will be able to collect information and interpret the obtained data about the school environment, social, economic, and cultural factors that can be effective. As a result, they will learn to use this data to communicate with the parents.12- The awareness of citizenship will be gained and the communication skills will be developed through this project. Thus, the parents and they will realize the value of becoming parents.13- Due to this project our school will be apply a European Union project for the first time. In this way; the project preparation, implementation and reporting experience will be gained so, both our school and our district will be consisted of a project culture.14- The experience of the project budget keeping will be gained. In addition to this, it will be learned how to manage the project as financial ways.



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