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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The content of the project: Supported by UNICEF in the 2012-2013 academic year, and pilot schools were selected as Turkey's EU funded Preschool in Mersin province to implement the training program. After pilot testing, almost all the successful implementation of this system in the Ministry of European countries have implemented all kindergartens throughout Turkey. With Split-class system these features of students is aimed; self-control, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, music. This program is divided classes into centers. Basic Education General Directorate of the Ministry of Education, a total of 12 master trainers from Mersin before the renewed program has grown. Preschool teachers to be informed about new programs, giving a total of two days of training by format are grown, the program has been implemented. So far, all the central point in the process, especially in science and music centers, especially justification and application failures were seen there. Course training will help teachers to achieve fully objective deeper, broader and more quality achievements. Our teachers will participate in activities to obtain practical knowledge about science and music centers, to recognize the different methods and techniques, innovative, current, modern and practical techniques to observe and examine opportunities. Our participants will develop their knowledge of all events at the end of a split class implementation. Our participants to expand the pre-school education is one of the EU 2020 targets will be after this observation and also contribute to the goal of improving the quality. Objectives: - Observing Standard and non-standard materials in the center and how they give direction to the students for educational process materials - examine the scientific process in these centers - Arouse curiosity and desire to learn for children -Music Information about the individual training and monitoring activities to ensure the creation and development of skills - Observing how to improve the social and emotional skills and instruments used. The number of participants and profile: Our project contains 3 managers and 12 kindergarten teachers, totally 15 educators. Description of activities: Our organization under the project will participate in two of the eight main classes of administrators and teachers of science and mathematics, and for the effective use of music history in the center aged 13-17 April 2016 Infol institutions in Italy 5-day training activities. In addition, an administrator and 4 teachers are also attend the 3-day-job monitoring activities in Goteborg Kindergarten date of 1-3 June 2016 in Sweden. Our participants have at least 5 years of teaching experience, have participated in various courses opened in the past years the Ministry of National Education. However, the actual teaching environment as a result of all these activities, they cannot use the program because of the changing needs of students and inadequate information obtained from these in-service activities and music department of mathematics and science in the classroom effectively. Participants will be attended executive education programs in the new country. Professional skills of our project managers will increase and the other teachers in the school without the project participants to understand the gains acquired abroad and will lead to the application in the classroom. The methodology used in conducting the project: Our project is being executed based on the views of all our participants and our joint efforts will be made abroad. Planning and updates will be made to the cooperative movement to and from the project approach will be to obtain the highest efficiency. Expected results and potential benefits in the long term effects: Job training and monitoring activities under the project will be the end of science, mathematics and music teachers to be able to use effectively. Our teachers will participate in activities to obtain practical knowledge about science and music centers, different methods and techniques to recognize, modern and practical techniques for observing children will enable them to configure the game according to the purpose of these centers. This is the future of children's interests in this area of science, which will affect the success in courses such as math positively. Our participants will develop their knowledge of all events at the end of a split class implementation.



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