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Özgürlük için Basın, Söz Gençlerde
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project titled “Press for Freedom, Time for Youth to Speak up”, aims at a structural dialogue between youth and policy makers. The project scheduled to take place between 18-23 October 2015 in Ankara with the participation of 40 young people and 19 policy makers. The meeting will be organized by the Journalists Association and to be financed by Turkish National Agency. The young participants’ ages will range between 18 and 30. They will be selected in accordance with their interests and inclination to politics especially in the subject of freedom of expression and freedom of press as well as the new media. Priority will be given to those facing setbacks due to their geographical, educational and economic standings. The project foresees the youth to come together with the policy makers and discuss problems of the freedom of expression and freedom of press in the country and help bring solutions to the violations against these issues. The project also aims to encourage the young people to take more active role in democratic life, by making use of open data and social media instruments. Using non formal training technics like round table discussions, simulations, role players, advocacy, street interviews, organize campaigns, visualization will be carried out during the five-day meetings. With the completion of the project, we hope to help raise awareness among the young people and policy makers. We also hope that the project would contribute for the setting up a “Youth Center at the Journalists Association” in Ankara in the near future which will work on freedom of speech and freedom of press.