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Özel Eğitimde Öğrenen Lider Öğretmenler
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

On the basis of the identified problems in our school, there is a “feeling of burnout”. Because in our school, teachers are working with the students who have learning disability and who are low achievers. Therefore teachers have a bias: “Students will not learn.”. In time, this feeling of burnout reduces the teachers’ motivation and causes many related problems. Here are the problems: Teachers are reluctant to self-development, teachers who didn’t develop themselves have a resistance to innovation, the difference between educational view of the new teachers and the teachers who work for a long time, personal grouping caused by differences of educational view, communication barrier caused by organizational stress environment etc. As a school that serving to mildly mentally retarded children with learning disabilities, our first duty is finding a way to increase teachers’ motivation. After that, we must provide teachers to develop themselves and we need to provide opportunities for new teachers to work together as a team with teachers who have feeling of burnout. Nevertheless, the teachers that work in special needs education school always have a risk of experiencing burnout. For this reason, giving only one chance to teachers to develop themselves is not enough. We should ensure the continuity of this and it is essential to make them a life-long learner. We can summarize the goals of our project as follows: 1- Generating teacher leader that can develop their competences in special needs education and teaching branch, follow innovation in special needs education, transmit and institutionalize the vision of school to all level. 2- Observing the overall structure of rehabilitation services and special need education system in different cultures. 3- Using the internet and computer technology actively. 4- Raising the quality of our school with the experience and competences that gained from this project. 5- With improving the “team identity” - psychological bond that holds the school together- improving the school communication 6- Raising the motivation of education staff. 7- Raising the teachers’ interests of Europe values. 8- Improving the language competences of our education staff. In order to accomplish these goals, 1 main activities including 3 mobilities will carry out in our project. The most important features to look for in staffs that participate in mobilities are these: • having a Bechelor’s degree, • knowing basic level English, • willing to team work, • being strong in terms of social and cultural, • being able to transfer gained acquisition to other people, • having a high burnout level or low motivation level in the survey In the first mobility, we are planning to join a course about special needs education in England. We have set the number of participants for this mobility 6. For the second mobility, we are planning to join a course in Finland. This course is about special needs education and it will be mainly observational. We have set the number of participants for this mobility 6. For the third mobility, we are planning to join the computer and the internet technology course in Spain. We have set the number of participants for this mobility 7. The project team will provide support and mentoring to participants during the project preparation, implementation, dissemination and mobilities. These are the foreseen acquisition and experiences at the end of the all activities: 1. Our staff will increase competences in their branch. 2. Foreign language and intercultural communication competence will increase. 3. Awareness of EU Citizenship will increase. 4. Staff motivation level will increase. 5. They will acquire the ability of using the internet and the computer technology in class. 6. They will be life-long learner with the acquired knowledge and experience. The experiences and abilities', which our staff will acquire at the end of the project, impacts and long term benefits on our school and target groups, are foreseen as follows: 1. With the communication network that established during the activities we will contribute to development of our school with new projects. 2. Students can be given a much higher quality education. 3. They will be life-long learner with the acquired knowledge and experience. 4. Educational environment will enrich with the new educational methods and materials that acquired from the project. 5. Teacher motivation will increase and teachers’ perception of the world will expand. 6. With sharing acquired knowledge and experiences to their colleagues in their own school and colleagues in other special needs education school in our region, we will be one step closer to the aim of being a pioneer school. 7. Our teachers will gain the ability to tolerate differences. 8. We will go one step further toward accomplishing learning organization goals. 9. We have a chance to introduce Turkish Culture in the countries which activities are carried out.