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Örtü Altı Sebze Yetiştiriciliği
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since our region has quite different ecological conditions, many horticultural species can be cultivated. Greenhouse cultivation is also very important and it is dependent on ecological conditions. According to the report of the Greenhouse Vegetable Cultivation Specialized Group of Commission in the Five-Year Development Plan in 1988, our country has a total of 78 million hectares of field, 36% of the total field is the total of agricultural land (27.575 million ha). In 68% of that field crops, in 13% of that garden plants are growing and 19% of that are the fallows. The most rapid increase in greenhouse vegetable cultivation area took place between the years 1975-1985; Between the years 1990-1997, while an increase of 64.5% in total greenhouse area has been increased by 9% in low tunnels (Almighty 1990; Anon., 1997; Legal and Elteza, 1997) Our region for the final settlement of land cover related issues should be aimed at the promotion of hydroponic greenhouse vegetable cultivation.. Cultivation for export, especially making roads chemical disinfection of the soil plays an inhibitory role. In EU countries, this is the underlying cause of the widespread cover the vegetables grown under hydroponic cultivation (1997 Agricultural Structure) Especially taking advantage of relatively simple structures to be carried out under the existing ecological conditions of cultivation as the greenhouse cover in Turkey, leads to significant yield and quality losses. To make this industry a better place located with the aim of the project is necessary to take into account the matters referred to below; Improving and increasing the diversity of the structural characteristics of the greenhouse Improving the climate inside the greenhouse Improving cultivation techniques Results and impacts of our project; Greenhouse vegetable cultivation will become widespread in all regions of our country The participant instructors, engineers and students will learn and they will share their experiences and knowledge with the society Recognition of the products included in the new vegetables and fruits grown under cover of countries and realization of export and import within the project. Cover to increase profitability will increase the possibilities of diversification in the types of greenhouse vegetable cultivation. Besides the classification of production and will be given due attention in the framework of the Erasmus + Packaging The long-term impacts of our project; Organic production in greenhouse vegetable cultivation will increase Ecological problems caused by monoculture will decrease Government agencies and the private sector will be encouraged to improve working To improve the work of our project employment, income levels will rise, individuals who are employed will contribute to the national income. To ensure the adaptation of greenhouse vegetables cultivation to EU



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