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Öökull´s village - intercultural learning through dialoge
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Öökull's village - intercultural learning through dialogue" will take place from 1th July 2016 till 31th October 2017.Project goal is development of social dialogue between volunteers and target groups, supporting creativity and self-confidence of the volunteers by involving ideas for the implementation in youth activities. As a result of its success will be completed the Success Story about each volunteer and we´ll share these in the websites of partner organizations. The project involves five organizations: NGO Owl from Estonia (co-ordinating and hosting organization), Verein Generationen und Gesellschaft from Austria (sending organization), Stredisko volného casu Decko, Nachod from Czech Republic (sending organization), Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas from Spain (sending organization ), Eolas Soileir from Ireland (sending organization), NGO "Actio Catholica Patria" from Lithuania (sending organization).The project involves 8 unemployed youngsters, two of them are coming to long-term EVS 1.9.2016-30.5.2017 in Öökull´s youth centers and six volunteers to short-term EVS 13.6-11.8.2017 in Öökull´s youth camps. The selected volunteers will be young people with fewer opportunities by educational, social and economic reasons.This project will involve the volunteers to try and experiment with different methods of inclusion, creative and teaching; to organize acts, which develop their skills of the planning, motivation, involvement, collaboration and organization, and strengthens their self-confidence of their own abilities and dealing.



5 Participants partenaires