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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Content of the Project It is impossible for our schools to remain indifferent to rapidly evolving technology in recent years. To have the opportunities provided by technology in our class offers economical solutions in terms of both time and labor. Vocational and technical education institutions require to take training in order to make observations on management processes in an EU country to adopt the changing technologies and be aware of the advances in technology . It is beleived that , the use of ICT in the classrooms will develop creativity , and will prevent the possible drop outs from the education system and have lots of benefits from the point of national, local, vocational and personal level. The Aim of the Project The aim of the project is to provide education about ICT in the classroom activities, new educational technologies and management techniques, crisis management, conflict management etc. To our educational stuff. Teachers in our school will gain personal experience and personal development skills with this education. The Number and Profile of Participants Our project participants will be from 14 volunteer teachers and administrators who are willing to attend the training, who doesn’’t have an experience about abroad and projects, who has basic level of ICT. Promotion of Activities The training which will be applied will include activities based on latest educational Technologies to gain experience and develop their essencial personal skills. For this reason there will be 2 training activities in two EU countires about enhanging creativity in the field of learning activity and good practice example for school abseenteeism. Methodology Our project is including the observation of good practices for new management techniques for school abseenteeism and and training the effecitve ICT usage in the classrom. Results and Effects 14 different individuals will be trained in education programme and these individuals will improve their working quality with creative classroom environment in the framework of EU integration. The school administrators recognise the new management model and adaptation will be provided to the management model. Basically ,with this project it is planned to offer an environment where our participants contribute to their personal development , with social and cultural experince that they will gain.