Rechercher des projets européens

Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Together with its great history and successes it gained through years, our school is the apple of the eye of the city. We would like to send our teachers to England and France with the aim of a process which enables them the chance of getting European vision, having the knowledge of modern student-centered teaching methods and materials, supplying the European consciousness devoloping the English Language skills via cooperation, creating the creative thinking ability. In this way, we might be able to learn international culture interactions, give ourteachers a higher quality of education, motivate and organise them via e-twinning by teaching how to make better projects. Moreover we would like to aware our teachers about the modern techniques, documents and let them know the foundations of the English language. Our teachers would take part in a course in France about the needs of our school in order to improve their creative thinking, teaching techniques and language skills. With the awareness of the schools and courses, our teachers have started their studies individually and also socio-culturel and language studies as a group work. Moreover, people would be made aware of the fact that our teachers would come via local mediabranches. Six teachers will join this activity. Through the Project, we have planned only one flow with a group of 6 teachers. This flow will be to France with 5 teachers and an administrator. Our aim in being a group is to make the best use of the time and utility of the course by acting and learning altogether. As stated in the 2020 strategy plan, our teachers will have the information about creative thinking and teaching techniques and also they will do the practice on these areas. In all steps of our Project, cooperation, self confidence, creative thinking, multi-culturality consciousness, the necessity of learning a foreign language, effective communation skills, e-twinning, preparing projects are going to be gained by our teachers. The most important part of our project is dissemination. All skills gained by our participants about our needs will be used in dissemination activities. In thıs context, our teachers will use these skills they gained and every type of educational materials in their classes. By getting away from traditional learning approaches, they will use modern techniqus, methods and approaches in their classes and they wil share their social, culturel and educational experiences they acquared. With motivation and awareness of collaboration that strengthen on our teachers, our education quality will increase. After returning from courses, by making news about course period, gained skills, social and culturel experiences and observations, our society will be informed about such topics as education opportunities and institutions in England, social and culturel features of the country, framework and context of Erasmus activities. Experiences about activity, photos and brochures will b shared in this unit’s website ( that is responsible for Manisa Provincial Education Directorate’s E.U. Department, in national and international pages of Facebook, in our school’s website and in other social network sites. Via e-twinning teachers’ experienceswill be shared with different teachers from different countries. Activity outcomes will be presented to students. Parents wil be informed about these activities by providing them necessary information in parent meetings. Youths in society and Non-Govermental Organizations ask help from teachers for writing projrcts about proffessional competence projects depending on Erasmus. In this context, our teachers, whether there are stakeholders or not, will tell activity outcomes to other institutions and give them information about other Erasmus projects. By communicating with Demirci Disctric National Education Directorate and Demirci Governorship,an informative seminar will be organised about Erasmus activities and the outcomes of the project we performed. Also students coming to our school from Celal Bayar University as trainees will observe our teachers’ gains after course practically in classes. Consequently, university students will apply for Erasmus activities in their own institutions and also spread this information to other students. So, we will gain multiculturalism and European consciousness to our all strakeholders. And we will be open Windows to outside about such subjects as Erasmus activities and modern approaches in education.