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Öğretmenler Öğreniyor Okullar Gelişiyor
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Determining behaviors that are targeted, the arrangement of physical environment, providing the necessary tools and equipment, the implementation of program, measurement and evaluation of result is the task of the teacher in each education institution.Therefore, it is the prior condition for the teacher to be sufficient in the educational process in order to educate people in desired quality .The improving of teacher proficiency will improve the quality of institution at the same time. We aim to strengthen the quality of our institutions by the development of more powerful teacher competences in all mandatory education institutions in our district ,increasing the professional satisfaction in the institutions, reinforcing the quality of our institutions by contributing to the formation of a more dynamic and professional environments with this project .Our other goal is to make the teachers use drama , creative and innovative approaches more actively in their classes ,observe the examples of good practices and adapt them in to their curriculum thus, not only will they improve their professional competence but they also will make the students love their school in order to reduce the number of early school leaving and absenteeism. 2 teachers from the school will attend each training.The number of participants will be 8 teachers in total.Participants will be elected among teachers and administrators who can take an active role in the project , will be able to represent our institution and have a language proficiency. We will conduct our project by using innovation approaches and the methodologies of EU .These methodologies are a set of methods that collect the activities of the whole process from preparation to the final report of a project in the same methodology . The most important reason for the management of the project in these standards is a quality team work and taking into account of the human factor keeping the communication the highest level. Our Trainings: Enhancing Students' Motivation through Inquiry- Based Learning (08-17 February, 2016 in Berlin), Special Education Classroom:Effective Strategies and Productive Learning Environment(21-30 September 2015 in Dublin Ireland), Drama as a Teaching Tool in Education (May 23rd - June 1st, 2016 Madrid Spain), How to motivate Students are to finalize their compulsory education. Innovative teaching and learning Methods for reducing early school leaving in a lifelong learning society (12-18 June 2016 in Holland) will be held between the dates. We anticipate that our project will enhance the quality of our school and our teachers by reinforcing the pedagogical competence of the teachers.It will also contribute our institutions and teachers to be professionalism and internationalization.The classes will be more attractive and enjoyable by innovative approaches in education such as creative learning and drama as a result of this pupils’ achievement and attendance will boost. we believe that we will carry out the work more effectively for the children with special educational needs and the children who are at risk of early school leaving and absenteeism with the tarining we received.