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Öğretmenin BT ve İnternet Kullanımında Liderliği
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project is designed as Erasmus+ school education staff circulation project. Our school has completed its information and communication technology infrastructure within 2014-2015 Ministry of Education term within the scope of Fatih Project and smart boards are used in our classes. Our school aims to enhance its physical qualifications, technical abilities and technological integration to European Standards and to ensure full capacity operation of our classes equipped with essential technological infrastructure and to improve education quality of our school Carrying out of this objective depends on teachers fulfilling leadership in technology task in classes successfully, ensuring that information and communication technologies are main means of education process and effective use of this technology by students-teachers. The main aim of the project Based on this need is to increase teachers' classroom management using Information Technolohy and the Internet Technology Leadership competencies according to the standard of the European Union It is thought to reach this aim by enabling the staff to take part in the on-site observation and work process of the usage of the technology in educatin institutions to equivalent to our school under coordination of our partner in Austria. With works to be performed in schools equivalent to our schools and education institutions under organization of our partner institutions in Austria our teachers will observe class management works with Information Technology usage in schools of European Standards and technological integration and they will get IT and internet usage education in Europe. Their education and of 5 days period and participation to job process will be certified in EuropeanUnions standards Sub-targets are; a) To ensure our teachers are awarded with certificates proving capabilities of our teachers in European standards b) To enable our staff to gain confidence and efficiency with the programs based on education c) To enable at least 50 percent of our teachers to use education programs supported by information and communication technologies effectively. d)To construct suitable structures for the participants to develop lifelong education approach and to develop themselves by the help of e-learning and to improve e-content e) To enable every student graduated from our school to have main knowledge and competency in using communication technology f)To enable our students to benefit services of e-educatin by using the internet effectively g) To offer everybody the opportunity to learn and to use the technology of knowledge and communication h) To ensure that 80 percent of our teachers are internet users i) To provide a safe climate for the internet, the students and the families. j) To examine and learn new teaching methods and tools by contacting different cultures k) To observe and improve the relations between student-student and student-teacher to ease the classroom life. l)To enable the the staff to increase thir awareness of the e-twinning platform, its power and its potential. m) To the culture, history, people and traditions of a European country and to add the European dimension to our lives as an integral part of our environment that we live in. Activities planned to achieve these targets; - Use of mobile learning applications - Use vikies in education -Use of visual- audio and interactive material -Computer aided applications in profession lessons -Modern education methods and technics -Using the technology in classroom activities -Selection of correct software and programs -Integration of student to technology use -Using the internet within the cooperation with students and teachers to increase the students' success -The policy and behavior of teachers according to the age of the students -The organization of the classrooms and the laboratories accordingto the students -To choose the technology suitable to the feature of the lesson -Activity samples inside classroom supported by multimedia -Teacher- parent-student relations Planned project will be performed in Austria between June 1st 2015 and June 18th -2015. Project will be performed with participations of 20 teachers with 2 teachers from each branch for each flow. Project will be applied between September 1st -2015 and September 1st 2016. To realize said objective method of teachers getting training and job observation and examination in equivalent schools will be used. Project is formed of preparation, placement, and extension stages. Extension of knowledge, ability and experiences of participators will be carried out with seminars, e-booklet, printed publications and etc. activities and shared with social media. Sustainability of this sharing will be ensured



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