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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project “Hand-in-hand with my teacher” , will be organized by the consorsium leadership of Malatya Province Directorate of Education and local partners which have students with fewer opportunties. 5 teacher from Şehit Kemal Özalper Vocational High School, 5 teachers from Atatürk Girls’ Anatolian High School, 4 teachers from İnönü Primary School and 2 teachers from Hüseyin Gazi Secondary School will attend an inservice-training course about educational coaching in Europe. Educational coaching is a collaboration between a coach and student to support student’s learning process. In 2014-2015, we have already started educational coaching in all levels of education in Malatya and its districts. Students enter different schools to get ready for their future professional life. In the meantime, their personality and and character is formed. Turkish educational system has been more focused on teaching curriculam. Therefore, it is hard to say that there is enough effort to help them form their personality, define their abilities, target their goals, desires and form their social characteristics. This situation ended up decrease motivation in finding their strenghts and weaknesses, develop self-esteem and performing well at school which caused a need to have a mentor out of school and family. The teachers from the schools in our consorsium, will attend a week long courses including subjects such as communication with challenging students, motivation, developing self-esteem, behaviour management, time management, drama, practical skills, best practices. Project aims to increase our students’ awareness ; • to define his/her own responsibilities • to get to know himself/herself • to prevent early school leaving , • to see strenghts and weaknesses, • to gain real life skills, •to learn how to cope with the problems , thanks to supporting coaching skills of our teachers. In addition, this project will give teachers the chance to share firsthand experiences from their European colleagues, to develop coaching skills thanks to seeing best experiences in different countries by different participants, to adapt themselves into European innovative teaching methodologies and support cultural diversity in Europe. The main activities of the Project are: - The selection of participants based on the criteria concerning project’s needs - Getting ready for the mobility: getting necessary permissions , passports, organization of travel and accomodation , - Visibility activities of the Project - Preparation of the website, leaflet, brochure, posters after the mobility -The organization of meetings to share EU qualified information and experiences for other institutions, NGOs and other actors etc. -The distribution of Project materials, -The conduction of the info-poll: In the dissemination activities of the project, the poll will ve conducted to see how effective the projects results are, 8 teachers from consorsium member schools, will attend a course in Tellus Education Group in England between the dates 14-18/09/2015, and other 8 teachers will attend the course in De Spikaner 12-16/10/2015 in Netherlands, to develop coaching skills. Expected results are: Teachers will have the chance to develop their professional skills and have and use innovative European teaching methodologies thanks to inservice training course about coaching. Participants will contribute a lot to local coaching project in Malatya. Teachers from consorsium schools will learn about different cultures ,which will help cultural dialogue. In the long term, this project, will contribute to develop Turkish educational system and support the development process of our counrty and Europe.