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Öğrenmeye Üç Boyutlu Holografik Bir Yaklaşım : Yaratıcı Drama
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Education systems based on examination, destroy the creative thinking of students and make school and education environment unattractive and not remarkable. It is begun to spend less time on social,emotional and behavioral activities which arouse curiosity and provide attractive classroom environment. This causes students not able to prepare themselves for deep learning and not able to catch participatory and permanent learning environment. This has opened the way to the undesirable rote learning. In recent years, all around the world,as a result of improvements both in techonology and learning area and the struggle among all world’s nations to pass each other in all areas, the need of constructive,creative and productive manpower has increased. Now all over the world ,the importance of creative thinking is emphasized and several studies are done in order to raise creative and constructive generations. Some processes like discovery of new ideas,development of ideas,establishment of relations between ideas and expression of ideas and feelings take place in creative drama. In this context, our teachers need to be trained on creative drama and see the applications in its own place. To strengthen personal and professional skills of our staff,improve the planning, implementation and management skills in learning and teaching process, prepare materials according to the aims of teaching program,organize learning environments, extracurricular activities,strengthen teaching skills appropriate to individual differences, evaluate learning with innovative tools, give feedback, reinforce the revision skills of learning process,reinforce school-family and society relations and communication skills , improve the foreign language skills ,know different cultures and strengthen EU dimension and to get opportunity of new collaborations are overall objectives of the project. Project activities will be carried out with total 30 participants from Sweden,Finland and Greece. The total duration of project is 12 months. Start date is on 15 st September, 2015 and ending date is on 15 st September,2016. Project calculates 30-hour drama courses training in 3 countries. In 3 groups , our teachers will receive practical drama courses training in Greece,Sweden and Finland. They will also visit 3 primary schools to observe the applications in their own places. The project consists of language,culture and project organization preparation stage,cooperation with partners and implementation of project within the scope of open communication principles,evaluation and dissemination stages. The outcomes of project will be shared on national and local media and they will also be shared with the colleagues in our local training area. In the implementation of project stage, 30-hour practical training program will be applied. This program consists of warm-up games,group works, self-recognition,feelings,role-play and improvisation,screenwriting,scenario stimulation,rehearsing and staging and evaluation studies. With cultural and historical activities,social and cultural values will be recognized and intercultural interaction will be provided. At the beginning of the project,our participants will express their expectations and at the end ,they will express their impressions by writing and they will evaluate the quality of the project. There will be evaluation meetings during the implementation of project,beginning and end of project and shortcomings will be corrected and new learning opportunities will be evaluated. As a result of implementation of this project; to gain a holistic view of our participants, to acquire the ability of interdisciplinary work, to know the concepts,dimensions and elements of creative drama, to get the competence of using creative dram of children’s games, to make contribution on social responsibility works about reducing the risk of disadvantaged students who have tendency to leave school in the future, to improve the knowledge,skill and experiences on using drama at special education and pre-school classes for effective learning environment,to strengthen EU dimension and improve the tendency of team work, are expected from the participants. With this project, personal and professional satisfaction of our teachers will increase and a strong synergy will be created for a quality education. In the long run, by the help of these skills that play effective role on achieving the strategic objectives of our school and our ministry, our nation will take its place among the civilized nations.