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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Turkey, the reasons for not being at the desired level of vocational training are; failed students are seeing vocational education as a last resort, students in some areas recognize their individually development lately and because of this their unwillingness and inability to adapt fast enough to technological developments. The developments in the field of computer software are coming fast. New developments are coming while the former ones are getting into the curriculum. Teachers' inability to adapt to these changes, cannot meet the expectations of the students. In addition, the teaching of the programming language is subject-based; it causes to forget the former subjects. Students do not see their personal developments and they don’t believe success. Finally, after the graduation, students are living labor shortages because they don’t understand the logic of programming. When they unable to achieve their desired financial status, they get into different jobs instead of their trainings. Nowadays, even the enterprise software is web-based and prepared with graphics. Also the flash based games have been an industry. The development of game software and graphics which is prepared with flash by teachers is a need. The game software curriculum will be prepared as product-based. By this way, students will continuously use the codes which they learned and it will provide a permanent learning and personal development for them in a short time. The gaming software will be a purpose for the students and also the programming language’s teaching will be a tool for the teachers. At the end of vocational training, the students will understand the necessity of programming logic and by this way they can find jobs easily and they will continue their career according to their training. The flash programming language is AS 3. AS 3 language is based on C#. The issues and objectives were explained to all teachers who know C # programming language and given information about the products to be obtained at the end of the project. There has not been any discrimination among the participants. As participants, who agreed to take part in the workshop and popularizing it, were selected. The number of participants is 8. The gaming software course’s curriculum will be prepared during the training. The curriculum will be sent to the Ministry of Education. At the end of the training, the gaming software will be implemented at two of the four classes which have Graphics and animation courses at our school’s Information Technology part. The development levels of the both classes, which will taken or not, will be compared. Also, at the end of this training, a flash game will be prepared by the participant teachers to ensure learning of EU languages and it will be able to play free on our website internationally. It is aimed to learn new vocabulary in different languages by the players. In this way, we are aiming the reduction of racial prejudice among the European citizens. The games which will be written by our teachers and students will be published on our website. The interest of the successful students in elementary schools to our school will be provided. This will increase the success of the school. When the Ministry of Education accepts the game software curriculum, it will be held at vocational schools. The trained teachers will give education to the other teachers if it will be necessary and by this way our school will be a training center. With the implementation of the curriculum, individuals who have educated and worked with their own subjects will grow up. Thus the employment shortage can be overcome and leaving, directing to different professions at an early age will decrease among individuals. We investigated the institution that will give us the adequate training. We have found “[Q] Interactive” company on the internet. "[Q] Interactive" is active in the Spanish town of Oviedo. This company is engaged in web and graphic design for over 10 years and operates gaming software. It runs courses in various countries and universities. In addition, they are doing the management of a regional television’s website for the children.