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Öğrencilerimizin Avrupa Hastanelerinde Parenteral İlaç Uygulamaları Stajı
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project named “Student Parenteral Drug Applications Internship Activity at European Hospitals” has been carried out in total 4 different mobility and managed by our school Kandıra Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. First mobility has been completed at Aviva Poland in Poland, second mobility has been completed at Psycho-Med in Germany, third mobility has been completed at Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola in Czech Republic and the last mobility has been completed at Scoala Postliceala Sanitara Carol Davila in Romania. 10 students and an accompanying teacher have participated in each mobility. Nursing students have participated in Poland and Czech Republic mobility and Emergency Medical Technician students have participated in Germany and Romania mobility. The main objective of the project was to provide our students a practical training since their educational internship program is insufficient in our country considering their practical needs and deficiencies in the field of parenteral drug applications. The special objectives of the project are to develop vocational knowledge, skills and qualifications of participants and by doing that, to help them specialized on their profession and improve their employment chance and also meet the qualified staff needs in the health sector. During the trainings, students have got internship training about classification and specification drugs, measurement of dosage, preparing drugs, controlling the application stage and besides that, applying drugs into rectum, applying drugs into sense organs and intravenous liquid treatment. Acquired results and effects from the project after the trainings; development of foreign language skills of our students, realizing the importance of linguistic diversity, developing leniency for different cultures by interacting with them, improving self-confidence, improving learning performance, becoming individuals who are aware of European conscious, improving educational and institutional quality through international partnerships, creating awareness about forming EU projects through pointing out European Union and National Agency. All these objectives have been met through trainings and social activities. Cooperation and task sharing were our methodology when managing the project. All work has been done by the project management board. The project management board had its own task sharing. Hosting institutes, participants and accompanying teachers have been informed with their task assignments and responsibilities as a following step and all project activity has been carried out in a healthy order with cooperation. The long term benefits that we expect out from the project are; raising qualified medical staff by improving the educational quality of our institute, increasing cooperation between our institute and health care providers, making European cooperation sustainable and improving participants’ chance to get hired inside or outside of the country after their graduation through European level certificates.



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