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Odyssea Corsica, Liguria, Toscana, Sardegna (ODYSSEA FIM)
Date du début: 30 avr. 2009, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Odyssea looks at the sea as a unifying opportunity, which cancels the effects of border cooperation to support high value added. It also aims to (a topic that will be the subject of the strategic plan) to reposition the cross-border area as a tourist destination, boating, European excellence. The project involves the creation of a network of ports - City Territories based on a story and goals.The space of reference: The project involves the totality of the space program. The simple project will test the concept Odyssea in four regions and 15 cities in the laboratory.The overall goal: to experience the city in the pilot model of sustainable development and management, Odyssea, in order to improve the services offered and the network of marinas in the making and neighboring territories. This development model will be tested from a joint regulation, a transferable methodology, innovations introduced to create a network of cross-border offerings through new communication technologies. The concept integrates land compulsorily, the sea, the harbor, the city built in rural areas. The project is structured according to an environmental ethics of offerings and services related to the four major themes Odyssea.The target of the project are of different types: the inhabitants of the territory during the collection of data on the attractors of the territory, the sector of tourism and recreational boating, residents, tourists, boaters, but also the local managers ports of natural and cultural attractions, the marine workers, farm and enotourism private and public.The project Odyssea will run for 27 months and a total budget of EUR 2,414,100.00 and plans to develop laboratory the following activities: animation project based on the concept of tourism the second of the four themes of Sea and Land tour , pilot activities in the fields of tourism and environment, organization of joint events. Expected Results:  To have an organization adapted to the governance of activities: -Involvement and mobilization of local actors -A methodological support and monitoring to ensure proper implementation and monitoring of activities -Encourage the sharing of experiences, expertise and networking infrastructure and services through knowledge, culture, innovative use of ICT. -Innovate in terms of governance, the creation of networks at various spatial scales (catchment area of ​​navigation, port cities between them and between the port cities and hinterlands) wishing to promote the integrated management of maritime areas classified or protected coastal areas and rural areas through joint actions for environmental awareness, promotion and rational management of the territory. -Create a network Odyssea, ports, cities and rural areas, highlighting the quality of calls and interest throughout the coastal basin of the Tyrrhenian identified by a quality mark of the territory and the joint use of innovative ICT tools. Define a common brand in Europe to become "Cite & Territoire Odyssea" applicable to any territory for the project, a joint regulation on the basis of a transferable methodology based on innovative design and dissemination of products and services of excellence, based on using joint new technologies, and developed the environmental management of ports in the network environment. -Improve, qualify, develop, organize, find new jobs and tourist services of excellence, landing water issues, cultural heritage, culinary and cultural tours around the land-sea joint making every regional and destination of each port city a landing on one basis of a common European regulation which promotes the visibility of bids, their networking at European level and the seasonal adjustment using new information and communication technologies (NTIC). -Organize these new territories from a design methodology that involves people and local actors, an n-quality paper, whose socio-economic impact sufficient to meet the objectives of the Lisbon and Gothenburg in terms of competitiveness, attractiveness , employment, regional cohesion and environmental protection. Create a network of port cities in the laboratory cross-border ties with their rural areas, strong of new offers and services of excellence, developed in compliance with local identities, the protection and enhancement of cultural landscapes, environmental ethics and management reasoned. Structuring and organizing the new territories with a design methodology, quality paper, a trademark, a designation that will serve the basic need for a European regulation of quality of communication between the targets identified, but also the people and the socio-economic impact of which will meet the objectives of the Lisbon and Gothenburg in terms of competitiveness, attractiveness, employment, regional cohesion and environmental protection. -Develop joint actions and innovative ways to improve the production and marketing of tourism products and offers quality and excellence. Pooling offers the boating, fishing, food, crafts and wine and ecotourism. -Building networks at different spatial scales (between port cities and port cities and inland) which aims to promote the integrated management of maritime areas, natural parks, protected areas, coastal and rural areas as a result of joint environmental awareness, promotion management integrated and rational land. Initial value of the route cross-border shipping, promotion and communication of its identity values ​​within the basin of navigation through a great event that allows to present the project, communication tools and new technologies associated with it. from the inventory of Phase 2: Configuring the multimedia database (historical, cultural and regional information) (formatting and storage of multimedia data base) the public information on the route Land Sea. Creation of a regional edition and read interactive mapping Agency (MR - GR sea) geo-browsing, e-booking and GPS geolocation Territorial (Sea-Land) / Experimental Phase Acquisition / Preparation formatting multimedia / System Geoposition / Mass ICT equipment in place on each pilot city (experimental). implementation and maintenance of the portal ODYSSEE. Develop a system to connect the port city and the marina, the development of system management measures coordinated by the city and the port cycling. development of e-booking system on two pilot ports Strengthen the attractiveness of acceptance in the Ligurian Basin Water Course Sardo, improving the quality and environmental performance in a logic of sustainable development. Presentation of project results to the institutions and agencies involved to also involve other local actors to transfer knowledge and results of each pilot project. Evaluation of the activities offered by the city and territory of the pilot project "Odyssea" / impact of each project area / control / investigation and analysis of results. Develop cooperation and innovative actions aimed at improving the promotion of products and offers quality and excellence in connection with the fishing boat, wine, agricultural products, agro-food, handicrafts and ecotourism. Communicate new offers excellent tourist services and landing about 4 thematic cultural routes of the common land and sea for each target region, promote the visibility of bids, their networking at European level to promote the seasonal adjustment. Eco-Innovative Technologies Technologies.



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