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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange OPEN UP! will be held with the intention of discovering nature and art as a media for experiential learning and promoting non-formal education as a way of personal work in a rural environment and active integration of youth into social life of a local community. The goal of the project is organization and implementation of international youth exchange with young people from four different European countries, which will be exploring possibilities for using non formal education methods and techniques in a formal system of government educational institutions and their adaptation to different interest groups (school youth, youth with fewer opportunities, children). Beside that youth exchange will also strengthened existing partnerships and even deepened them with planning future projects. Goal of exchange is also including other farms in local community into the program of exchange. Activities will be based on active participation, group dynamics, use of art media, interculturale exchange, open communication and recognizing and awareness. For the process of work different methods of designing and teaching will be used, like Dragon Dreaming, Open Space, group methods for learning (World caffe, Brainstorming, Flash Forum, Creative Problem Solving, game playing and collective intelligence) an singular methods (interview, practical work, observing patterns, art creativity). Results of 14-days international activity will be formed program for implementing non formal education in rural environment, which will be based on personal growth of individual and connecting all of his aspects (body, emotions, mind, spirit), gaining and strengthening social skills and designing and implementing different projects in to the environment. Beside that the program will be adapted for use in school environment and for including different interest groups (youth in schools, youth with fewer opportunities, children). Project will have an impact on participants by direct experience with living and creating in nature through which they will discover their inner power for personal growth and possibilities for work in the direction of non formal youth teaching. With international activity happening in local community, the project will also effect the local environment through including neighbour farms in the program. Longterm benefits of the project are implementation of program in the work of educational institutions and further cooperation with partners on future projects.



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