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Odgovorni turist varuje raznolikost kultur, ljudi in okolja
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project Responsible traveller values diversity of people, cultures and environments young people from four partner schools develop their entrepreneurial skills and social responsibility in the field of responsible travel. Responsible travel promotes awareness of tourists about their impact on the natural and cultural heritage destinations, as well as creates a positive impact on the local economy and increases the well-being of local communities. The promotion of responsible travel is a potential, which we want to increase in activities in this project. The implementation of the project on an international level has sense, because this way the participants learn about the diversity of people, cultures and environments. Responsible travel has developed various properties in each country. Very important reason for international project is the fact that impact of tourism on the local environment is a global problem and concerns all inhabitants of our planet. In terms of mobility among partner schools from Bulgaria, Czech, Lithuania and Slovenia, we are going to develop and implement a model of responsible travel. This is innovation in the school environment and it is important because the schools in their programs offer more and more mobility for young people. In this context, we find out that education for responsible travel should be included in the school field. We cannot imagine effective implementation of the project without developing entrepreneurial skills among participants. Entrepreneurial skills allow young people to identify their needs and desires, take on the challenges and become social responsible makers. Entrepreneurial skills will be developed through the preparation and implementation of travel program in own local environment for guests from other partner schools. Participants will experience the role of a responsible traveller with participating in the travel program. The project involves four partner schools (Slovenia, Czech, Bulgaria and Lithuania), a total 32 students between the ages of 15 and 19 years and their coaches. First activities in the project will have the aim learning about responsible travel and the making of 10 principles of responsible travel, as guidelines for carrying out further activities. Then we will explore opportunities for the development of responsible travel in the local environment and prepare a travel program. During these activities, students will learn about and develop necessary entrepreneurial skills. The peak of the project will be short-term group exchanges of students, which will implement traveller programs according to the principles of responsible travel. To learn about responsible travel and to discover opportunities for responsible travel in the local area, we will use methods of studying literature, researching and observing in the field. We will develop entrepreneurial skills in the context of group work and experiential learning during preparation and organizing travel programs and their implementation. In these processes, participants will learn about the diversity of people, cultures and the environments. Expected outcomes are associated with greater awareness of the importance of responsible travel and knowledge of its principles. We expect that these results can be measured by means of interviewing, which will be carried out at the start, during and at the end of the project. Participants and partner schools will create and sign the intention of practicing the principles of responsible travel in their future activities. Evaluation of the implementation and self-assessment of participants in the field of developing entrepreneurial skills. Long-term benefits of our project are promoting responsible travel among individuals, groups and decision makers in the field of education, in local communities and youth and tourism organizations. Long-term benefits are also in the field of entrepreneurship, as entrepreneurial activity focuses on the area of social responsibility. The project will last 28 months.



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