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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Hotel mnagement is a part of our tourism industry. The motive for participation in the tourism industry is not a bed in a hotel room, however, must provide the participant with complex needs- from options to communicate among themselves in a foreign language up to the quality of the services provided by qualified personnel. On the other hand, there is also a need of baker, pastry chief careers. It calls for the market and the need to adapt the training. Today´s vocational education resonates. It is the base of qualified teaching, teacher approval is achieved, however, is lagging behind the needs of the practice. The pupil has a graduation, or a final test to prove that it is able to work alone in the field, that just ends. Despite the adjustments to hourly subsidy for training still prevalent theoretical training /quantity/ of the practical /quality/ . Still they are teachers, principals and school – leaving examinations for the final topics who must change the method of preparation of students during their studies, they are still masters of vocational education and training for the staff responsible for workplaces, who ´corrects ´errors , guide and train young people how to do right things well. The aim of the project is in the form of training, participation in workshops, participation in the theoretical and practical training of students in the framework of the profile of the profession- cook, waiter, pastry chief, baker, hotel managenment, catering, data processing, tourism, to obtain information from the forms, the methods applied by the vet. Meetings and debates with companies and centres of managing training courses, with the management of schools to the issue of school- government cooperation - professional association - factories - business exchange of experience and good practice. In the context of non formal education teachers and staff responsible for the vocational training, it is considered as a very effective form of gaining international experience in partner´s organisations in FR, HU, EE to transfer a good practice. The added value is that the teacher can through innovated changes in vocational education and outcomes /final and graduation exams/ techniques applied in the school systems and developed towards the needs of the practice. At the same time expanding their core competencies necessary for successful application of pupils, as well as to graduates on the market in domestic and Eurpean scale. The project is designed for 17 teachers of vocational subjects, masters of the training and practice in the field of hotel management workers, baker, pastry chief, waiter, teachers of computer science, English teachers and management of the school.



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