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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Thanks to the project the internships of 20 students of the 3rd and 4th year of the four-year graduation course of Pedagogical Lyceum in Chrudim have been implemented. Participants become familiar with the educational system of children in England and Ireland. Internships have been acknowledged to participants as a mandatory practice in the subject of pedagogy. The ECVET tool have been used for the implementation and evaluation of internships. To organize the project, the sending organization cooperated with two foreign intermediary partners (one from England and one from Ireland). The tasks of these partners were to ensure suitable receiving organizations and host families for accommodation. The aim of the project was to improve the level of professional practice of students through internships abroad. Participants were expected to become familiar with the working environment and organization of work, to integrate into the workforce and to gain work habits. The aim of the project was also to link the theoretical education from school with practice and to gain knowledge, skills and competencies in the pedagogical field, strengthen social skills of participants and use different educational methods in practice. Another aim of the project was the participants´ progress in English, development of their personality, getting to know of life and culture in a foreign country and progress of participants in adaptability and labor mobility. All these goals were met and we believe this will lead to improvement of participants´ future position in the labor market. From the perspective of school, the aim was to establish contacts with foreign partners, and this goal was achieved. The project involved 20 students of 3rd and 4th year of the four-year study program Pedagogical Lyceum with specialization on humanities and sports. Four-weeks-long internships were held in the UK (10 participants) and in Ireland (10 participants). Two accompanying persons went abroad together with participants (one in the UK and one in Ireland). Internships were carried out in February 2016, as planned. Before departure, participants passed a preparatory course in English, the culture of the UK/Ireland, professional and organizational preparation. Participants worked in sector of education and childcare. They worked in institutions that act as a nursery, a primary school, a maternity center or a school club. They got familiar with the running of the facilities and integrated into the workforce. Participants practiced activities related to education and childcare – e.g. development of the educational program, personal hygiene, dressing, eating, training of simple everyday activities and skills, promoting self-sufficiency, meeting the psychosocial needs of children. Participants became familiar with the activities focused on the development of personality, interests, knowledge and creative abilities of children. The intangible outputs of the project are participants´ new knowledge, skills and competences in education, intercultural development and the development of their personality. Their independence, adaptability and labor mobility have been strengthen and their level of English have been improved. Among the tangible results of internships we can enumerate certificates issued by the foreign partner and Europass Mobility, as well as documentation of internships (work diary, Placement evaluation, photographs). The impact of the project on the participants has reflected and still will be reflected in the professional, linguistic and personal areas. Participants received a quality practice certified by Europass Mobility. The internship will help participants in their further studies and then to enter labor market. For school, the project has brought the establishment of cooperation with foreign partners. Project team members and accompanying persons gained new knowledge and experiences that will be used both in teaching and in work on other projects. We consider the exchange of experiences between partner organizations and the implementation of European tools for vocational education and practice (ECVET and Europass Mobility) as important.



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