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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school is profiled as a modern educational institution that prepares its graduates for practice. We strive to continuously improve the quality of teaching, bringing new elements to it and open it to Europe. Involvement in Erasmus+ allows us to implement schools´ plans for development of international cooperation, the quality of vocational and language training for students and their intercultural development.The project also responds to the needs of employers who demand graduates with electronics and IT education with quality foreign experience and a good level of English. Finally, we decided to implement the project because of the great interest of our students in internships abroad.The project aims to improve the quality of professional practice of 3rd grade pupils of our school. Passing experience abroad will help participants in their further studies and will improve their future employability. The project will contribute to the development of professional knowledge, skills and competencies of participants, progress in English and will increase their labour mobility. The next aim of the project is the acquisition of working habits and personal development of participants. Internships will allow participants to experience new cultural environment and gain life experience. Participants will gain good practice, which will take place in accordance with the principles of ECVET and will be certified with the Europass certificate Mobility.From the perspective of the school, this project will bring us the opportunity to establish new contacts abroad and to lay the foundations for long-term cooperation at European level. We will gain knowledge from foreign practice, which we will use to improve the quality of teaching.Within the project we intend to send abroad 24 students of the 3rd grade of our school. Internships will be held in Mai 2017 in the UK and Ireland and will be 3 weeks long. Participants undergo internships as a part of their compulsory professional practice. We will send 16 participants and 2 accompanying persons for an internship to two destinations in the UK (Portsmouth and Birmingham) and 8 participants with 1 accompanying person will go to Ireland (Cork). Students from all fields of study of our school (Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Technical Lyceum) will participate on foreign internships. Participants will pass a preparatory course before leaving for an internship (English, cultural, organizational and job training). Participants will be placed in small and medium-sized companies and organizations in positions in the field of electrical engineering, IT and technical administration. Professional content of individual mobility will depend on the participant´s focus of studies and will be tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Participants will perform the appropriate Unit of learning outcomes ECVET. During mobility, participants will gain the knowledge, skills and competencies in the professional, linguistic, cultural and social field and in personality development.The project´s results will be in tangible and intangible form. The tangible results of the project will be developed units of learning ECVET, Europass Mobility, certificates issued by intermediary organizations for passing internships and ECVET Placement evaluation. Furthermore photographs of participants´ workplaces and leisure time and articles about specific mobilities will be created. However, a large part of the project results will be in intangible form and will be reflected in the knowledge, skills and competencies of project participants and the impact on the sending organization and its surroundings.The project will have an impact on further study, career and personal life of the participants. Participants gain work experience, certified with the Europass. The mobility of participants and their future employability will increase. Internships will be clearly reflected in the language level of the participants. Regarding personal development, participants´ adaptability, independence and self-confidence will increase. Participants will gain life experience, they will know new cultural environment. The impact of the project on the sending organization will be in the development of international cooperation, exchange of experience, improving teaching level and building the reputation of the school. Thanks to the project, our school will build cooperation with foreign partners. Studying at our school becomes more attractive for students. In the longer term, the project will have a positive impact on the supply of qualified graduates of electrical engineering and IT sectors with foreign experience and a good knowledge of English. In the broader context, the project will have an impact on the development of European cooperation, implementation of tools ECVET and Europass, the growth of youth mobility, intercultural development and level of knowledge of foreign languages.



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