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Odborná stáž pro žáky SPŠSE v Německu
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Vocational Training for the Students of SPŠSE in Germany” was prepared by Strední škola strojní a elektrotechnická v Ceských Budejovicích (The Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in Ceské Budejovice) together with the partner of the project, WBS Training AG (WBS). Within the project we prepared one training designed for 18 students of Electrical Engineering. We decided to implement the project after a very good experience with vocational trainings abroad in the Leonardo da Vinci programme and followed thus our school’s need to open to international partnerships. The objectives of the project were first and foremost based on the needs of the students of our school. We wanted the participants to understand broader contexts in their field of study and to access information about new approaches, trends and the development of knowledge of sustainable resources of energy. The programme was narrowly focused on wind and solar energy, which is Germany’s prominent industry domain. The project was organized according to the ECVET methodology, starting with signing of the Memorandum of Understanding during the preparations of the project. The determined learning outcomes were defined by five main learning units called Alternative and Renewable Sources of Energy: basic understanding, wind energy and wind stations, photovoltaic power systems, presentational and project work in English, and acquisition and improvement of social skills. The programme was further supplemented by a few brief excursions to power stations and companies which produce components for the energy industry. Each successful participants received the corresponding Europass Mobility and a certificate of participation issued by WBS. The participants found out that they are able to apply the “dry” knowledge acquired in theoretical subjects and thus achieve tangible results in a specific project. Acquired intercultural and language skills will help them not only in terms of better employment prospects, but also in a broader development of their individualities as well as in their opportunities for fulfilment as a cultured and educated person in today’s society. Through the project we also contributed to the promotion of our school and study, attracted new students and gained other international partners for new projects and cooperation.



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