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Ocean Cross-channel Environmental Education and Awareness Raising Network 1 (OCEAN 1)

The OCEAN 1 project concerns the whole of the cross-border region population all over South-East England, Normandie and Nord-Pas de Calais. It aims at achieving essential and universal objectives such as information and awareness raising on environmental issues as well as environmental education for sustainable development on the coastline on each part of the Channel.RIVER OCEAN & NAUSICAA would like to share their know-how complementary in terms of methods, to improve environmental education and information in developing new public activities promoting sustainable discovery of the Channel coastline.By bridging contacts and bringing together other experts in natural resources interpretation to these first activities, springboard for a regional dynamics in this field, they want to settle a cross-border network for marine and coastal awareness raising centres in order to guarantee to the cross-border region developing environmental education activities for the benefice of its entire population.