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Образователна мобилност на ученици за повишаване на професионални компетенции за автомобилна диагностика и ремонт
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Dynamically developing modern technologies in the automobile industry; advanced methods of diagnostics and repair of vehicles; the need for VET adapted to the needs of the labor market; the ability to live and work in an increasingly diverse society requires communicative and creative staff that can make professional decisions and to work in a team. Participation in the mobility program "Erasmus +" is an opportunity to gain both confidence in their own abilities and self-confidence, and coping with various challenges in a diverse environment. The purposes set by the VHT "Gotse Delchev" team within the project "Educational mobility of students to enhance professional competencies for automobile diagnostics and repair" are general and specific - in accordance with the EU Strategy "Europe 2020" and referring to enhancing professional skills and competencies. Our partner is the school Sisli Teknik ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi in Istanbul, which has a big experience in the accomplishment of European mobility projects so far. The project is going to involve 20 students from the 11th grade from the specialties: "Electrical equipment of transport" and "Motor transport equipment". On one hand, the organization prior to mobility - conducting an information campaign to acquaint the students with the project activities, the selection of candidates according to predetermined criteria, preliminary pedagogical and cultural preparation, insurances, passports and transportation is the responsibility of VHT "Gotse Delchev"; on the other hand, during the implementation of the mobility - of the host country. During the mobility which will be held in Istanbul for two weeks in the service-station DOĞUŞ OTO and training laboratory of VOLKSWAGEN, students will enrich their knowledge and skills for the device, principles of operation, maintenance and diagnostics of various parts of modern brand cars (for example FIAT, MERCEDES and VOLKSWAGEN, etc.). Participants are going to get acquainted with the cultural and historical sights of Istanbul. After returning both the group of participants and the project team are going to prepare reports about the held mobility. Participants will be issued Europass Mobility document, certificate of "Sisli Endustri Meslek Lisesi" for completed training and acquired professional skills and a certificate of participation by VHT "Gotze Delchev". We are going to use the school's site and the regional media for the dissemination of the final results. The expected findings of the project are: -building up connection between the practical training of participants’ developing skills and the real working environment; - Enhancing their opportunities for future professional career; - encouraging the students’ personal growth by increasing their awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity. Long-term benefits of this mobility for our school: - raising up the image of the school; - enrolling more motivated students; - gathering ideas for updating of the school training facilities; - applying the acquired organizational skills and experience.



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