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O.U.T - A training course on outdoor education
Date du début: 2 mai 2012,

Minor changes were effected following the initial application and these were related to i) the composition of thetrainer team and ii) the composition of participants from two promoters.i) In the initial application the trainers’ team consisted of one trainer from Greece (Paidia en Drasei - Kids inAction) and one trainer from Spain (Neagenia Intercultural). Due to last minute personal commitments by theSpanish trainer, he was substituted by another trainer from Greece who could also guarantee the higheducational standard in outdoor education.ii) Due to an unavailability of participants, the Latvian promoter Gulbenes novada jauniešu centrs "Bāze" wasable to send only one participant instead of two as indicated in the application. The missing participant wasreplaced by a third participant from the Italian promoter Associazione Puzzle. In doing so it was assured that thenumber of participants and gender balance was ensured for the successful implementation of the TrainingCourse.In addition, there was a change in the address of the organisation. Since MUYA does not possess its ownpremises, the official address is always that of the current president. Following the election of a new presidentduring the Annual General Meeting of the Association in May 2012, the address changed since then from:72, Highbury, F. Zahra Street, Birkirkara, BKR1785, Maltato:70, ‘Le Nid’, St Michael’s Street, Zurrieq, ZRQ 2106, MaltaAll other parts of the project were carried out as indicated in the initial application.Kindly refer to ANNEX 11 for the correspondence with the National Agency regarding the address change!



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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth Support Systems\Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations
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