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O scoala pentru comunitate
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„A School for the Community”The school is located in the rural area and it has a total of 284 students enrolled in pre-school, primary and secondary education. The socio-economic status of children is disadvantaged (65% of parents do not have permanent incomes, as they are unemployed). Out of the 284 students enrolled in our school 178 are registered as Roma (62%). Most the students in our school benefit from social scholarships. The target group consists of 9 teachers.The overall project objective is the reduction of early school dropout Our specific objectives through which we believe the overall objective can be obtained, are:- the reintegration in school of students, who are at risk of dropping out, in the school year 2016-2017;- the increase of academic performance for all our school students, until 2017;- the implementation of at least two education programs for parents;- the improvement of methods, of teaching, learning and assessment strategies in the practice of our teachers; the improvement of our teaching activities; the increase of the teacher’s prestige;- the completion of an 8th grade school education by all of our students;- the increase in number of extracurricular activities;- the increase of our school mediator’s influence over the local community.The mobility project proposed is for two years.The types of issues that will be selected will be those related to the community relations the formal, non-formal extracurricular activities, effective strategies for working with students in the classroom, in primary and pre-school, the relationships with parents in order to attract towards school, school failure and early school leaving.Due to the development of such a project the involvement a relatively large number of people from the schhol staff, the institution acquires a European dimension and a positive image in the community.This is due to the fact that the topic of the project is one that preoccupied all members of the community (socio-economic disadvantaged families and their children at risk of dropping have a negative effect on the development of the entire community of the village).The school becomes a partner for the other institutions from the village and it comes with proposals and measures to stop this phenomenon.The European projects give more weight and credibility in the community and people will become aware of the fact that catehing up successful models from other countries will create results here.It develops a European dimension within the school policy. This project is an opportunity for future partnerships too.The dissemination of the results of the training will be made at the local, county, national, international level.The expected results by the involvement are related to the implementation of a quality education in schools and the teachers in creating an attractive environment in school that lead to school failure and early school prevention.



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