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NWE Strategic Initiatives Cluster - ADAPTATION TO THE SPATIAL IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE - Promote measures – Call for action – Share knowledge (SIC adapt!)
Date du début: 9 mars 2010, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The NWE OP acknowledges adapting to the impacts of climate change as one of the most fundamental challenges for territorial development in North West Europe. Through the Strategic Initiatives Cluster. Adaptation to the spatial impacts of climate change. eight transnational projects with almost 100 project partners combine their efforts for promoting and achieving effective adaptation throughout NWE. The clusters intention is to: • co-ordinate efforts for maximum impact through the co-operative promotion of both the clusters and the projects outcomes • harness the synergy developed in order to augment individual projects planned outputs • utilise the expertise of the diverse cluster experience and expertise in order to effectively disseminate adaptation techniques. The aim of the cluster is to: • establish and promote measures • call for action • share knowledge for efficient adaptation to the expected spatial impacts of climate change in NWE. In order to attain this aim the cluster has identified three concrete objectives: 1. Adaptation tools and measures: Enhance the outcomes of the cluster projects on adaptation measures and assessment tools by capitalising on the extensive knowledge base available from the 100 project partners 2. Policy recommendation and mainstreaming: Improve the impact of the projects outcomes for NWE and beyond by drawing key policy messages for EU. national and regional level on the basis of joint findings of the cluster projects and foster integration of adaptation into policies. programmes and planning 3. Communication and dissemination: Communicate the strategically relevant results and interim results of the cluster and the cluster projects with EU-policy makers. EU-research institutes. relevant national policy makers. other INTERREG programmes and strategic initiatives (see target groups). Achievements: The methodology tested by SIC ADAPT!s partners to develop climate change adaptation strategies across North-West Europe has fed into the EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, published in April 2013. In the accompanying press release, the European Commission acclaimed both the Somerset County Councils Community Woodlands strategy (UK), funded through the WAVE project, and the FUTURE CITIES project, which successfully mobilised local communities along the Heerener Mühlbach open water course (DE) to disconnect storm water runoff from the sewer system, thereby helping the German city of Kamen to deal with sudden heavy rainfall and flooding.SICADAPT! has developed, tested and implemented tools to alleviate the effects of climate change. Many of its assessment and management tools actively engage stakeholders in project development and decision-making. One of SIC ADAPTs members,the NWE project FUTURE CITIES has developed the Adaptation Compass, which is a practical tool for assessing vulnerability and adaptation options across different policy fields. It helps planners and experts in cities and water authorities to plan a step-by-step transition to creating climate-proof cities. The Adaptation Compass can be applied to a region, a city or a project area, but provides the best results for a city or a city quarter. Moreover, it is also an easy policy tool to transfer.



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