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NW Healthy Living & Community Gardens/Allotments Project

The programme engages 5 Local Authorities, key health partners and stakeholders in a joint planning, management and delivery process to develop healthy living strategically across the region. Through this process enhanced co-operation, infrastructure and service delivery will be achieved resulting in outputs which directly support EU, National and regional strategies. It will share best practice in services and resources; increase participation in cross border activity and develop positive attitudes towards cross-community and cross-border activity.he purpose of the Programme is to address health inequalities within the North West region through an integrated healthy living intervention programme which addresses the impact of social and economic disadvantage.The allotments / gardens will be used: To create a sustainable source of food; As a resource for health through physical activity; As a resource to practically impact on 'food poverty'; As a community resource which brings people together; As an educational tool; and As a source of creating open space and encouraging biodiversity.The project will improve access to services so as to improve and build capacity to improve the quality of life for those living in the NWRCBG region and develop strategic collaborative approaches that will promote innovative ways of addressing problems within the NWRCBG region, deliver services and promote sustainable communities and improve the efficiency and delivery of health service interventions. Achievements: As part of the North West Community Garden and Allotments programme an Evaluation of the Health Impacts on the participants was carried out in the last few months of the project by Straightforward Research.Various methods were used in collecting the data such as one to one interviews, focus groups and online questionnaires. Over 100 participants who participated on the programme completed the evaluation.The final report documents the background to the project and evaluates the benefits to those who participated in it. The report has outlined some very positive conclusions and the project has proved to be a successful model for improving the health and social wellbeing of participants across the North West going into the future.It is hoped that the report will now contribute to a forward strategy for the development of health-related activity focused on allotments/community gardens, which improves the delivery of associated public service and that the results will be presented as best practice to decision makers at national level with a view to informing policy in this area.



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