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Nuhun Gemisiyle AB'ye
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Education is a need for adults as well as children. Because people acquire all the information, skills and attitude that they need thanks to education. For every one deepening the information they have is becoming more of an issue in the developing world. Education, in today’s world has become a process spreading all the levels of life in that obtaining useful information, finding a job or for just improving oneself. The way to access the information is not just possible with schools or universities, it is also possible with the non-formal education. Within this scope, Ağrı Public Education Centre which is established for non formal education, sees the projects and education are necessary to provide the trainees needs. This is the reason we wanted to be in this project. We would like to attend the structured courses in different countries to learn different culture’s education systems and the programs they use for adult education. Introducing our country briefly: Ağrı Public Education Center and evening art school is supplying education to 1250 adults in 234 fields with 22 staff and 25 qualified instructors. Today, social, economical and technological growing directs the the developments and thus, the scope of the education given to adults must support the developments To give this qualified education knowing the Non-formal education methods is necessity. The fist reason of writing this project is the we think we are not qualified enough about Non-formal education methods. The qualifications that are supposed to be acquired by the teachers who attend to the project: * They will be able to design new education methods by using Non-formal education techniques. * They will be able to plan new education methods with the opportunities they have. * They will learn how to design Non-Formal education according to individuals and groups. * They will learn the differences between Formal, informal and Non-formal education. * They will discover how to use non formal education in public education centers to improve and straighten cross-cultural competences. * They will see different principles and methods to lift the effectiveness of informal education for the trainees who are in effort of finding a place in society. * The self-confidence of the teachers will improve and the entrepreneurship skills will be more effective. * The general and professional foreign language of the teachers will improve. * The teachers will gain the skill of working in harmony with different cultures. * The teaches have the European Citizenship consciousness. * They will help the increasing of employability. * They will discover the common sides and strong sides of the cultures. * They will learn the details of Erasmus+ programs. * They will make contributions to new partnerships and new project ideas. * They will straighten the solidarity, democracy, and friendship values. In accordance with the project; In October 2016 in Germany/Weimar, In March 2017 in Spain/Murciawe are planning to attend 6 days of the training with 20 staff who are selected by the project team. To expand and make the project visible; - There will be announcements and news in the local tv channels, local newspapers, the website of the organisation, and the website of the national directorate of education. - There will be daily, weekly and monthly advertisements, photographs, videos and news of the project on the social media such as Facebook, twitter from the beginning of the project. The evaluation of the project will be as below: - Daily evaluation groups: There will be self-evaluation reports at the end of each day coming from the groups with two people or three. - The participants will evaluate themselves in terms of good sides, bad sides and they will decide what they want to change. The evaluation of the project team observation: - The evaluation of the trainers at the end of the project: The instructors in the courses will evaluate the participants whether the project has accomplished. We will understand if the project has accomplished in long term with the productivity of the participants and with the increase of the trainees in the following years.



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