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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NP will send in the 2015/2017 317 students to placements in the EU, mainly at level 3 and 4, but also on level 1 and 2. On behalf of 56 professionals/ staff grants are asked to be able to do a group or an individual study visit, course or job shadowing. Countries involved are in (North) West Europe; but also Malta, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Spain. In general the aims for our students will be: • Learn about the specific job in the EU • Get knowledge of the culture and the specific branches • Better awareness of EU project and values • Skills and competences grow by working in another environment/ culture • Grow in the professional attitude and adapt an own vision on working in another country • Learn to communicate as an individual and as a professional in another language • Enlarge intercultural competences/ awareness • Become self-confident and independent • Learn to solve problems and to reflect on behavior and result • Enlarge employability Students who participate in this application are: students Inter. Business; International Trade and Wholesale; Retail, Fashion and Living; ICT; M &C; Art, Theatre and Media; Tourism, Travel, Hotel, Wellness and Leisure; Nursing; Wind technicians, Automotive, Maritime and All round Operational Technology. Also students who finished their education but do not have a job yet will be able to take part. The duration of the stages for students is between 2 and 20 weeks, wind technicians and AOT (All round Operational Technicians) are going to Germany, Denmark or Sweden for 8 weeks because of the program. Students Retail go to Germany for 4 weeks, students level 1 and 2 will go for 3 weeks to Romania. The new “excellence” programs in Lisbon and Valencia and in Berlin will take 2 weeks. Staff involved (56 members) have different backgrounds: teachers; international coordinators; supporting staff, management; people working for companies involved in creating content of modern VET and practical learning, people from community or other stakeholders etc. Requested grants are on behalf of teams of Nursing; Automotive, NP teachers of German and individual staff with professional needs. Study visits and job shadowing are organized together with the NP Academy, within needs in line of "Focus op Vakmanschap", the need of professional development (POP, Persoonlijk Ontwikkelings Programma) and the LO's are recognized and put in their individual profile and in the "Lerarenregister". Staff will usually go abroad for between 2 and 5 days (without travel days). Aims for staff are: * cooperate within the region/ home country and the EU * improve competences and quality of their work * support /promote mobility for students * learn to work with ECVET/ Learning outcomes * increase satisfaction/ motivation for their daily work * enlargement of the ability in working with disadvantaged and students with different (cultural) backgrounds * increase opportunities for professional and career development * modernize and internationalize VET strategically * improve management skills and capacity to prepare and to work in (EU) projects * broaden knowledge of practices and development in VET in the EU * reinforce cooperation throughout the EU and outside * improve innovational skills to create attractive VET education * increase language skills * enlarge understanding of interconnections between formal/non-formal education, VET and work * improve the quality standards and use of ECVET tools Methodology used depends on the different NP schools and courses involved. NP transfers towards describing the LO's. For the largest groups of students (IBS and Intern. Trade/wholesale) the first current description of the content LO's in a project with and in Lisbon are added. The final exams/ Proeves will sometimes take place during traineeships done by the receiving companies, sometimes finally assessed by NP staff visiting near the end of the traineeship. The approach towards working with LO’s and therefore also to be able to transfer the responsibility of the final examination is a challenge for the coming years. NP is looking for prolonged traineeships so to give the students the best possibilities to learn and experience as much as possible. The description of LO's and the use of ECVET tools and toolkit is under construction for students in Nursing; tourism and hospitality; and IBS/International Trade and Wholesale. This will lead to MoU's with several intermediate partners/institutions. NP has chosen to organize the PICodes for the direct partners through her visiting colleagues. This means they will take the procedure with them and work together with these direct partners to make sure the info is put in the right database and the PICode is working. During 2015/16 nearly all receiving companies and organizations will thus have their codes, meaning NP can report the Erasmus + as is requested. All is managed by the NP "projectbureau", supported by the NP "Project administration".



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