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"Nowoczesna Szkoła - uczymy sie w Europie"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Erasmus + project "Modern School-we are learning in Europe" is to raise the level of quality of work in Primary School No. 1 in Wolbrom, so that our institution could fully exist on the European market. What is more our school , which is the oldest, largest among the local state primary schools and is well equipped with a brand new sports base and fresh renovated classrooms, will become modern educational base implementing the younger generations into the learning system. We strongly believe that through our ICT training, knowledge of innovative methods and technologies, we will enhance the regular lessons and extra-curricular activities by the use of students’ enthusiasm and potential, discovering their creativity and desire to learn. The weaker students will be supported, the common-room lessons will be diversified and we will combine learning English with fun. We believe that it is never too late for learning and a modern teacher should be a model teacher for the students speaking English language. Strongly motivated students will have opportunities to study in European schools during potential future youth exchanges that can be held in the middle and secondary schools, what will raise their tolerance and intercultural awareness, as well . Participation in the project will also be an opportunity for the staff of our institution for multilateral development of personal and interpersonal competences and organizational skills. There are project 12 people taking part in the project: the manager executives, a deputy head, two English teachers, two mathematicians, a teacher of computer studies who is also a musician, two teachers of early learning classes, a technology teacher, a religious education teacher who is an assistant of common room classes, and the school secretary. Each of the teachers is also a teacher of the common room activities. The teachers will be trained in the preparatory courses in the country and intensive language courses abroad, they will gain a language and methodology background through observations and study visits that will take place in order to familiarize teachers with the variety of educational systems in Europe. Learning the basics of the CLIL system and gaining experiences at ICT and new teaching techniques will base on modern technology and methodology. Owing to the project our teachers will acquire a foreign language , we will be acquainted with CLIL method, we will develop our knowledge of ICT , new countries, innovative forms of management of the schools and we will strengthen the self-esteem of us and our students, too. We will learn new strategies and techniques of effective learning based on European educational systems. Our involvement in etwinning projects will develop tolerance, openness and understanding other cultures, that will motivate students to continue to explore and discover the world. Our participation in the project will bring a long term benefits such as : using CLIL in regular lessons will provide opportunities for the acquisition of new techniques, it will help with implementing new ideas, adopting authentic and knowledgeable materials , breaking the language barrier during lessons and extracurricular activities. All these things and ETwinning projects will prevent teachers’ burnout. The headmaster and deputy head will discover the benefits connected with Erasmus + programme, they will be open to new ideas for innovative forms of organizing educational activities using ICT, CLIL methodology and interesting solutions based on European teaching systems. The knowledge of management principles of educational institution will encourage them to implement organizational changes in order to improve the working conditions of all employees of the school and to share their experience with the managers of other educational institutions. Our school will be promoted in the local community and among our international partners, what can attract potential partners for future cooperation in Erasmus + projects AK2 programme. We will have improved our common room activities and working conditions of students and teachers, we will input technical innovations and organizational solutions which had been observed to achieve the equal educational opportunities for students from the small town. Using English by teachers will have big influence on our young pupils and it will motivate students to make them feel authentic need to improve their language skills. The greatest satisfaction that we can have realising this project is fact, that our "Modern School" will open the way for further development of our students, strengthen their attitude of openness, tolerance and encourage them to further exploration of the exciting world and the words "We are learning in Europe" will have the real meaning.