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Nowe technologie, nowe możliwości w projektowaniu i drukowaniu 3D.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The „New technologies, new opportunities in 3D design&print” project will involve twenty students who are learning digital graphics. They will be attended by two teachers from the School of Electronics in Bolesławiec. The digital graphics class was first introduced in 2011 and it soon appeared that this specialisation has been developing dynamically on the job market ever since. For that reason we decided that computer graphics would be the subject of the project. Despite the fact that our school has well equipped workshops at its disposal and the facilities are fairly often modernised, we still encounter problems with providing high quality work placements for our students, where they could gain valuable experience with the latest technologies. By taking part in Erasmus+ project we believe such an experience might be attainable. The SAFA trainings in 2D and 3D design, along with the 3D printing technology, should help the students to prepare for the qualification examinations. The project participants woulfd learn designing with the use of the Solid Edge program, where preparation work is based on digital processing. During the work placement the participants would learn the basics of 2- and 3D design and the hybrid modelling methods for creating models of variable complexity. The students will learn the automatisation processes in creation of the 2D documentation and the dynamic three-dimensional prototype documentation. The participants will also develop their skills by making the films presenting machines, assembly process, combined with an advanced rendering. All this would make a thorough preparation for the A.25. qualification examination, concerning multimedia projects. The examination is to be taken just after the return from Spain. Thanks to the 2D pictures and the introductory projects, the students will practice the editorship and printing, eg. saving in specific formats, checking the accuracy of saving the files, choosing suitable fonts, colour management, paper, ink and other issues. The A.55 qualification examination in digital printing the participants will be taking in early 2016. In the project, the benficiaries will be able to bserve the workflow processes in design, see the clients’ demands. The Solid Edge program is a complex solution to CAD 3D design, the knowledge of which is invaluable in future career. We believe that through language competence the participants will increase their mobility on the EU employment market. In the area of personal and cultural development needs the students will learn responsibility for their decisions, become open to other cultures. Another positive aspect of this project is the support of European Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (VET) for the period 2011-2012 as described in the Bruges Communiqué. It is expected that the practical experience gained in various European vocational establishements should give the participants a better chance for employment within th EU boundaries. The realisation of the project will contribute to promotion of innovative methods of vocational education and should increase the students’ knowledge of European labour systems. Most of all, however, the participants will benefit practically in the aspect of professional skills.



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