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Nowe kompetencje i umiejętności w zakresie samochodów elektrycznych i hybrydowych sposobem na przeciwdziałanie bezrobociu - gwarancją sukcesu na rynku pracy dla mechanika samochodowego
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „Electric Car Go!”, which is according to our assumptions the continuation of the project “Learning e-mobility Plus”, is an idea which is supposed to meet up the expectations of employers who expect the vocational schools to prepare qualified personnel which in the nearest future will be able to maintain and repair electrically and hybrid powered cars . All the partners of this venture are the leading vocational training centers in their countries and are fully aware of the challenges they are facing. The Germans are aiming that by 2020 there will have been at least 1 million electrically powered cars moving on their roads. It requires preparing a huge logistic base and trained personnel. Taking into consideration the natural process of generation exchange, it is automotive vocational schools’ task to prepare workers properly. Mobilities of schools’ key workers taking part in the project are aiming at bilateral exchange of experiences, getting to know with job shadowing, which in the future will result in higher quality and effectiveness of teaching in their institutions. Each of the partners has certain achievements in the field of preparing training base to educate the topics connected with electromobility. However, the actions they take are often intuitive, based on knowledge and experience. It would be extremely vital to have a possibility to compare one owns achievement with the output of others and with time make the necessary changes in the actions that we undertake. Electric engines of electric/hybrid powered cars are powered by electric current of the risk of electric shock. It is extremely vital to follow safety rules. The habit of following safety rules is formed at the very beginning, while learning the profession. That is why this stage of education bears a huge responsibility to teach students work safety. Mutual exchange of experiences on the field of following the safety rules while the maintenance and repair of electric cars is also very vital. Another aim of the project is the issue of environment protection – high voltage batteries from electric cars contain heavy and Alkali metals. If these metals enter the environment they pose a serious threat. That is why it is a very important aim of this project to teach student at vocational schools to follow strict rules of utilization of electric car repair waste. Students are also beneficients of this project. The possibility of taking part in practical training at highly qualified foreign partners will surely benefit in the development of their professional skills. What is more, it is also an opportunity for cultural exchange, getting to know each other better, to learn tolerance for other skin complexion, religion or nationality. Another vital part of this project is also euromobility of the personnel – nowadays with cross-country companies, the decision of a temporary change of workplace due to employers needs shouldn’t be a lifetime decision but also a natural part of the job performed. We are planning to carry out 30 mobilities for the key workers of our school who are involved in managing the school, preparing the curricula, making decisions of school’s key aims. The possibility of comparing our vocational achievements with the output of others will benefit to take more effective actions in the future and higher efficiency and effectiveness of professional training and combining it closely with the expectations of the job market. The long-term effect will also be the continuation of cooperation with our partners as far as vocational training is concerned; just as it we have experienced it during Leonardo da Vinci project. 30 students from our school will take part in this project, chosen on the basis of clearly stated rules of enrolment. The possibility of practical training abroad will increase the motivation of all our students interested in this project to learn. We hope that it will mean for the whole school an increase in educational results and students’ conscientiousness. Student taking part in this project will improve their vocational skills and will have chance to establish personal and professional contacts. In the long run the accomplishment of the project will enable to improve the quality of education within the issues of the maintenance and repair of electric cars by preparing a better didactic base and improving the competences of the personnel. What is more, it will enable to share newly – acquired skills with local partners – partner schools with similar vocational profile, this way influencing their quality and effectiveness of teaching as well.



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