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Nowe doświadczenia zawodowe uczniów i nauczycieli w Niemczech i Hiszpanii
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A two-year-long period of carrying out the project is planned. It is scheduled to begin on 1st June 2015 and be completed on 1st June 2017. Both students and teachers are supposed to take part in the exchange. It is planned for the students to participate in a four-week vocational training for the following profiles: a) advertising- a group of ten 3rd grade students (Germany) b) economics- a group of ten 3rd grade students (Germany) c) logistics- two groups of 3rd grade students (7 participants each) (Spain) The participants of the project are major third grade students of Technical Economics School in ZSE (The Economics School Centre) in Racibórz. A one-month stay in the professional training centre located in Chemnitz in Germany as well as in logistics companies in Ubeda in Spain is intended to be a form of an award for the recruited students. The centre in Chemnitz is well technically equipped which is a good basis for simulating the proper working conditions. The apprenticeship involves setting up a virtual company named ‘Ufa’ where the trainee works in all of its departments such as accounting, marketing, advertising and human resources department . In Spain, the apprenticeship will be held in logistics companies where the students are acquainted with functioning of the firm, organizing logistics and warehousing as well as necessary documentation. The superior aim here is not only to promowe initiative approach among students but also raise the standards of vocational training in our school. As far as teachers’ mobility is concerned, a one-week stay of a group of teachers is planned during each year of the project. This will include lesson observations, concerning innovative teaching methods in the field of logistics as well as studying the Spanish educational system and the local culture. The overall result of all the activities performed during the exchange will be gaining valuable experience , gathering useful teaching materials and raising the quality of both teaching and learning in our school.


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