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Nový pohled na aktivizaci dětí a mládeže a vzdělávání volnočasových pedagogů
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project was to create a partnership between Czech (RADKA Kadan) and Slovak (CVC Old Lubovňa) organization dedicated to work with children and young people and enrich each other's activities, methods of work and improve professional skills of its employees, with the transfer of good practice into their own services - the multiplier effect for clients. With the Slovak organization we met at a seminar Salto Erasmus + and we immediately wanted to cooperate more closely due to the near content and mission of our organizations. We wanted to take over from the Slovak organization innovative features and methods of their many years of work in leisure activities for children, where they actively use new trends of informal education and vice versa introduce and inspire them to our specific activities for children at risk, methods of integration and multicultural themes. We also focused on forms of training for teaching staff and social and Roma issues about inclussion of threatened people, families. Mutual exchange of experiences took place in four business trips within 14 months - twice in 5 days expedition of four people of implementer rode to Slovakia (11/2015 and 6/2016) and twice for 5 days, we hosted a delegation of four participants of the partner in the Czech Republic (11/2015 and 4 / 2016). The content of business trips / visits was a comprehensive introduction between organizations, performances and demonstrations of services and sample selected activities that appealed to most participants. Further theoretical overview and analysis services, in terms of the possible transfer of good practice. There were always educational seminars for staff and specialist consultations, including discussions on a given area of interest. Workers directly participated in practice on selected leisure activities for authentic experiencing other methods of work, etc. In total, the project involved 16 participants - 8 workers from RADKA Kadan and 8 persons from CVČ Stará Lubovňa, mostly tribal professionals that had been working with children and youth in educational, leisure and social activities. All activities of the project were to enhance the skills not only of participating employees of both organizations, but also thanks to the improvement of implemented activities for the target group of children and youth in the total number of about 400 people a year on both sides. Sharing the transfer of good practice (in the form of an information report / presentation) was presented by both partners at the local level, similar to cooperating organizations and was also available for the general public on the website of each organization.. Of course there was the related promotion. Obtained by introducing innovations into everyday practice project has long term benefits for working with children and youth on both sides.



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