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November of possibilities! - Group EVS
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"November of possibilities"- Group EVS brings 12 volunteers from 4 countries to Marttinen Youth Centre in Virrat, Finland. The 3 week long project (14.11.-2.12.2016) will focus on producing international activities for the young people and youth workers in the region of North-Pirkanmaa, Finland, where young people and volunteers can learn together about topics of EVS, and possibilities for going abroad, as well as learning about different cultures in a positive manner. The activity will be combined of visits (volunteers running workshops and presentation) in the neighboring towns of Virrat, as well as organizing on main event in the last week of teh activity with "open doors" to all people who are interested about internationality, Marttinen youth Centre and our EVS project / volunteers. Aim, Objectives & ImpactThe aim of the Group EVS project is to promote and inform young people and youth workers about international possibilities, especially EVS as an opportunity for learning and furthermore support local actors and communities to start benefitting from international projects. In order to support the aim, we foresee the following concrete objectives:- Volunteers will create non-formal workshops and visits as a team to the regions (Pirkanmaa) municipalities, where young people and youth workers can learn about EVS opportunities- Volunteers will capture / record (video) their own stories of becoming an EVS and their international experiences / how it has affected them.- Volunteers will create promotional tools to support the engagement of local level actors towards international activities- Volunteers will create an activity day (open doors) in the end of the project for the region’s young people and people interested about international possibilities.- Volunteers will be trained by professionals, and have an opportunity to learn about:- Planning, implementing and evaluating workshops, along with initiative taking skills- Working in an intercultural team, communication skills- Finnish youth work structures and methodologies, including rural youth work, youth policy - Leadership and project management skills, along with social and competencesAs a result of the training course / seminar we foresee the following impact:- More young people and youth workers will be interested to cooperate (together with Marttinen) in international activities, from the area of Pirkanmaa - Increased awareness of international possibilities as an “alternative route” for learning- Increase of positive attitude towards internationality and different cultures in the rural area surrounding Youth Centre Marttinen.



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