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Novel Technology for Low Cost Re-lining of Pipe Infrastructure (EZ-Line)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2010, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are seeking FP7 funding towards the design and development of a trenchless pipe rehabilitation system capable of adaption to a wide range of pipe relining markets. Our aim is to meet the demands of these diverse markets providing a high performance, low maintenance solution with reduced energy usage and superior operational performance which our extensive market research has validated a significant commercial interest in our objectives.EZ-Liner offers major advantages in trenchless relining for long runs of pipe in a single operation with associated reduced labour, reduced energy costs, reduced disruption and reduced time for pipe repairs. By utilising a thermoplastic liner, instead of traditional epoxy methods, the risk of contamination from such chemicals will be eliminated. The traditional methods are labour intensive and expensive, typically €300 to €350/m2. Our method will improve relining speed by 100% achieving a target cost of €230/m2 by minimising labour. By developing a novel liner delivery system that focuses the heating and consolidation of the pipe to a narrow band we aim to reduce energy consumption by at least15%. Uniquely our design will achieve consolidation, even in pipe work with surface defects.The system will utilise a conformable thermoplastic liner drawn through the pipe by a novel consolidating head. This will clear debris in the pipe by water jets, form the liner in the pipe and consolidate with locally produced steam providing reduced energy usage and losses. Focusing steam into a localised area avoids escape into surroundings or damaged pipe, as is prevalent in traditional methods. The system we will deliver will be safer and more robust making it simpler to operate and easier to maintain; ideally suited for the harsh environment of the pipe relining market.The system will be primarily validated in the drinking water pipe relining industry. This validation of our technology will be undertaken by our end user partners CEPA and Gadmon.



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