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Novel mass spectrometry-based integrated analytical platforms for lipidomics studies on blood lipoproteins for cardiovascular disease research (CardioBioLip)
Date du début: 15 mai 2013, Date de fin: 14 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Cardiovascular disease (CDV) is a serious health issue and one of the main causes of death in developed countries. The connection between lipids and the disease progress has been established in the past years. Particularly, lipid composition in blood circulating lipoproteins may have a significant correlation with CVD and CVD risk. However, although in the past years lipidomics-based platforms have been developed and mainly focused on the lipid profiling in blood in diverse studies, little attention has been drawn so far to their study according to lipoprotein fractions, which is essential. In this project, the development of an integrated analytical platform will be tackled for the separation of lipoproteins from plasma samples, extraction of lipids in the protein fractions and lipid profiling. Lipoprotein separations by capillary electrophoresis will be coupled on-line to liquid-liquid extraction of lipids and further LC-MS/MS, to constitute the first integrated platform for this type of analysis. The implementation of the platform in a lab-on-a-chip system will be explored for achieving fast, automated, low sample requirement, high-throughput analyses. This will open-up a wide range of analytical possibilities and new insights in the lipid biochemistry in cardiovascular disease. The methodology will be applied for the analysis of plasma blood samples from healthy volunteers and individuals with different degrees of CVD for disease biomarker discovery. Finally, the analysis of samples from tracer-based studies in dynamic systems in mouse models will also be possible. In addition, this will allow studying the effect on drugs on lipid biochemistry, and to fine-tune exciting therapies or to develop new treatment options in CVD.