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Novel approaches for enhancing the treatment of drinking water by ultrafiltration and evaluating the mechanisms at nano-scale (WATERULTRAFILTRATION)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The application of membrane technology in the treatment of drinking water has been rapidly increasing in recent years, and particularly the process of ultrafiltration (UF). While some expertise and research activities relating to UF technology currently exist within the European Union, the applicant, Dr Yu, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has unique knowledge and research experience of UF pre-treatment methods, which are essential to the optimal performance of the UF process. His proposed fellowship offers an important opportunity for collaboration between two internationally leading research institutions to advance the technology and facilitate the transfer of Dr Yu’s expertise to Imperial College London and the wider European research community. The proposed Marie Curie fellowship will concentrate on developing novel approaches to enhancing UF performance to achieve higher quality treated water cost-effectively and with greater operational efficiency (e.g. through reduced membrane fouling). The fundamental mechanisms involved in these processes will be investigated at nanometer-scale, which will expose the interactions between floc particles, activated carbon and membrane surfaces. In addition, the combination of coagulation-UF treatment with downstream processes, involving a second stage of UF preceded by ozone oxidation and organics adsorption via waste-derived activated carbon, to further enhance water quality, will also be evaluated in this project. In conclusion, the proposed project is expected to provide important and valuable results for the European research community and for water utilities using UF processes in water treatment plants currently, or planning new plants in the future.



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