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Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is focused on improving of practical vocational training of students and graduates of the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod. The project will be realized in cooperation with our partners from Ireland and the UK. We realize internships of students and graduates in companies and organizations abroad. The project aims to provide participants a quality practice abroad, which will bring them new professional and personal skills and increase their mobility. The experience gained will be applied for further education and when entering the labor market. The sub-objectives of the project are to get to know new working methods and techniques, to learn about the organization of work, to gain work habits, to learn local culture, to improve their English, to develop the personality of participants and to gain life experience. The project will enable the sending organization to establish and develop cooperation with foreign partners, to obtain information about the level of preparation of students and to get ideas for improving the professional and practical training. The project will allow us to test the usability of ECVET for practical training of students. Internships will be organized for 20 students attending the third years of SUPŠS and 20 graduates of the fourth years of school, who are focused on Applied Chemistry, Glass Design and Product Design. Participants focused on applied chemistry will gain experience in laboratories and similar establishments of companies and organizations. Participants focused on design glass will work in workshops and design studios of architectural, glass and similar companies. Participants focused on product design will gain experience in the design, graphics, advertising and architectural studious. Internships of 3rd year students will be held in May 2015 (10 participants in Ireland and 10 in England) as part of the compulsory school practice. They will be 3 weeks long. In the first half of the stay there will be an accompanying person with participants. Short term internships of graduates (4 weeks long) will be held In June and July 2015 (10 participants in Ireland and 8 in England). Two graduates will go to England for a long term (2 months) internship. The project outcomes will be tangible and intangible. The most important outcome will be the participants, who gained new professional, language and social skills, experience and developed their personality. Participants will be thanks the stay abroad more mobile and better prepared to enter the labour market. The project will improve the level of practical training of students. The tangible outputs will include design proposals, products of participants, certificates (Europass Mobility, certificates from intermediate partners) and photographical documentation of placements and dissemination outputs of the project Implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the quality of practical training of students and graduates and their employability. On the labour market can succeed only graduates with quality apprenticeships, knowledge of foreign languages and practice. Flexibility and labor mobility is also envisaged. Project participants will meet these requirements. The school will be involved in European cooperation and will get into direct contact with employers. The project will allow responding to the needs of employers in our region. Without supply of young skilled employees with the knowledge and contacts from abroad glass and jewellery industry will slowly disappear. Project will increase students' motivation to learn English. In the longer term, prestige of art vocational education will be strengthen and there will be increase of interest in studying it.



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