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Nous sommes l'Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The ACIV association, with his(her) partners, is at the origin of the project of exchange of young people " we are Europe! ". The basic idea of this project is to make become aware to the young people that they are European, and that it confers them unique opportunities. Indeed, it is not rare to meet numerous young people who do not feel European. And it is even more blatant at the young people stemming from disadvantaged said districts or from modest backgrounds simply. These young people had for the greater part never or little the opportunity to go abroad and/or to be next(go alongside) to other European young people stemming from other cultures. Furthermore, they are not very often conscious of opportunities which offers them Europe and do not feel capable of travelling only. After this report, the desir is born to create this project to promote at the young people the European citizenship and the feeling of membership in Europe. This project also tries to promote with these young people the diversity that it exists within Europe (cultural diversity, nun, history, of territory, landscapes ...) to show them that we are any various but that nevertheless we are a member of the same set as is Europe. So, convey a message of tolerance, that is the differences are, in most of the cases, wealth and not brakes to the union and to the division! Where from the idea of the title given to this project "We are Europe". For that purpose, diverse activities such as presentations(displays) followed by debates and/or by role plays will be set up on themes bound(connected) in Europe (the place of every country within Europe, their history, the assets(trump cards) of the territory and the difficulties met by the populations (representations, ideas receipt, etc.), the opportunities and the cultural impact) to be able to exchange on the disparities but also the common points and so value the group whom we are. In parallel, so that the young people share their cultures, land the differences and the resemblance of these, thematic evenings will be also organized to leave to the young people the possibility of sharing their cultures in a creative way (video, photo, cooking, dance). The dimension of the apprenticeship is essential in a project Erasmus +, it is it thus necessarily in our project. The objective is that in the stemming from the exchange the young people leave with a look ( an open-mindedness) and a more concrete luggage for their personal and professional future (new knowledge, new skills, rich and unique(only) experience(experiment), contacts, the desire to put a lot). We also planned recreational activities such as Olympiads to favor the sharing, the cohesion of group and the pleasure through sports activities, through addresses, tactical and so allow also the participants to build up itself and to leave with unforgettable memories. Six countries participate in the exchange among which 7 participants by country (6 young people and 1 leader). The participants can be from 16 to 30 years old, come from various circles, various horizons (no categorization is prerequisite). To participate in this exchange there are no particular skills to be had, the purpose being to lean on the knowledge and the skills which they already have, of their make become aware of this one, to acquire it of news, and it is true in a non-formal way. During our project, several skills will be acquired and/or developed in particular a better knowledge of the fact that are Europe and European citizenship, a capacity to speak and to present works in public, language learning foreigner (first and foremost English but also approach languages of the partner countries in the exchange ex: Turkish, Polish, Italian, Rumanian) to become integrated into a group in particular multinational, to live in community, to respect a frame(executive) and rules(rulers) of life, a bigger cultural knowledge of the present countries... The impact wished the stemming from this exchange is to develop their mobility, their autonomy and to allow them to reach a school route, of training(formation), professional and/or an employment(use) was valued by their experience. The participants in this exchange, are going to play a leading role. They are going to be able to set up actions which move closer to young people come from all Europe. It proves that it is possible to act, at its level, to strengthen the cohesion of Europe, to fight against the discriminations and the prejudices. The objective, here, is not to change the world, but to contribute, gradually, to develop positively the mentalities. The local level, this project is going to allow to create an inter-young dynamics, to compromise the fears on the mobility and to tempt other young people of our territory to reach it.



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