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Notre Europe : une architecture aux mille visages
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Our Europe, an architecture with thousand faces" will bring together four partners from Germany, Spain, France and Italy. The main objective is to work with students (between 11 and 15 years) on the theme of the architectural patrimony ,the different jobs the first year and then the second year to approach the topics of the architecture and the sustainable development, as well as the new jobs in connection with this subject . The purpose of this project is to create a website with the videos made by the students on digital tablets. This interactive site, with quizzes and multilingual aspects will become an educational resource for other schools or the general public. It will be realized in partnership with Cap Sciences, an association specialized in virtual and real exhibitions and popular science. This place contains a museum, a working room that will host the pupils and their teachers . The educational objectives of this project are first to strengthen the teaching methods used by the four partners in order to improve the basic skills of our pupils (that is to say oral and written expressions) then , to prevent school drop out and after to help the pupils with learning disorders or socio-economic disparities ) and finally to have a better knowledge in ICT and European languages, and a better understanding of the economic sector . This way the teachers' skills will be improved in ICT , and innovative educational experiences: work in small groups, bilingualism, co-training ...), thanks to the collaboration within the project teams and the training days during the travels abroad (sometimes led by expert pupils ). In each school, the work will be carried out by multidisciplinary teams that will emphasize pupils' team work to encourage co-training. During this project, the schools will rely on partnerships with outside partners to carry out the project: the tourist information centers , local authorities, vocational training institutions etc. They will encourage the parents to take part in this project by adding their expertise in such areas as ICT or architectural jobs . Each participant will truly benefit from his involvement and the European dimension of this project is very important because pupils will become aware of the diversity of European cultures, but also of the peculiarities of other European educational systems.



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