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Not that way
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"NOT THAT WAY" is a project gathering 50 young people from France, England, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany from the 1st to 22th of August 2015 in 3 different rural locations in North Cantal (Auvergne). In a complex world where fear and hate are constantly progressing, it is more tan important to dialogue between individuals and "communities" to encourage new physical and cultural mobilities to create new common spaces to meet and fight the nationalist and religious radicalism processes. We will do so redefining our common values of freedom, solidarity and individual human rights in a dynamic, interactive, accessible way, organizing debates, discussions, refexions to nourrish our creative artistic workshops around visual arts (drawing, video, mapping) and live arts (singing, dance, music, theatre). Setted up by the participants themselves, with the contributions of professionnals and two young researchers from the CNRS to strengthen and nourrish the debates and to give other tools of expression in each of the disciplin, these workshops will open new exciting spaces for dialogue where each of the participant will be able to present, deconstruct and reconstruct his/her point of you while confronting others' opinions, searching for a common position to defend and communicate to the audiences, to contribute to the civic life, using participative methods (improvisation, simulation, games). The large diversity of productions from the creative workshops will be shared widely non only in the 5 villages during the multidisciplinary performances but beyond that, thanks to the video recorded testimonials of experiences and opinions around the theme, through the French, European and international social networks and plateforms of exchanges. We hope that the project will warn our inhabitants and people from the different countries about the risks of some political and religious radicalism if it continues to develop, reason why we need to be open, mobile, to go towards other and to change our perceptions and knwoledges to build respectful, creative, multicultural and fulfiling societies.



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