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Not just history - season 2
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Not just History - Season 2 - is a project that builds on the experience gained in the short-term EVS projects and in this seminar we discuss how to create the opportunity for inclusion of young people with special needs to participate in activities and develop their skills. The project aims to expand the model of interaction between youth organizations, and participants. In our second season we exchange expertise and experience, and planning how to help of youth that need of special support and how adequate involvement and engagement them according to their abilities and skills. Specific objectives: - exchange of knowledge and skills between youth workers from 6 countries (SP, HU, LV, GE, TR, UK) from a real experience to work with youth with special needs; - Improving the quality of youth work, and inclusion of people with specific needs; - Assessment, certification and giving publicity to the achievements and competencies acquired during the EVS; - Intercultural cooperation for the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people and the local community; The seminar methodology is based on the principles of good and transparent governance, participation of all partners in the preparation, implementation and monitoring activities, used of tools from formal and informal learning and performance assessment. Number and profile of participants: 20 youth workers - without age limit, but motivated to work with volunteers and to embrace the youth inclusion as an important factor in the personal development of young people themselves. As a result of project activities, the participants: - developed their professional skills to work with young people, - made contacts, - have access to training materials and documents for the internal organization and operation of NGOs, - validated their skills and qualifications through certification. The project contribute more for: - Development of cooperation between youth organizations and public institutions in Veliki Preslav town and partner countries, - Expanding the international dimension of youth and the role of youth workers and organizations as structures complementary EU external action, - Encouraging volunteering and involvement of more young people in it, - Promotion of cultural monuments of Bulgaria (in particular Veliki Preslav town) and its contribution and our place in European history and culture.



6 Participants partenaires