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Northern Creative Youth 1.13 (NoCry)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2007, Date de fin: 29 juin 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The NoCry project will develop a Virtual Business Incubator service for the creative sector to spread knowledge, enhance networking and support business development among young creative people in the NP. It aims to increase economic growth by supporting the development of knowledge and an entrepreneurial culture by enhancing networking across borders in the creative sector. NoCry will also spread knowledge on creative entrepreneurship, train, and develop new ICT based tools for co-productions over distances and the distribution of creative productions. All work will be linked through joint development and exchange of knowledge for real transnationality and interaction between innovation and its application. Achievements: The first version of the online platform will be introduced at LAVA09, the NPP Annual Conference 2009. One international seminar on IPR issues, and several regional workshops and seminars on various issues concerning creative entrepreneurship have been arranged. An experimental international cultural management education programme, the Road Tour, as well as the experimental film training with co-production over distances have been finalised and the results and experinces are being assessed. Regional creative incubator pilots have been started in Swedenand Finland. Also many related activities have been carried out in Norway, Scotland and Northern Ireland in already existing incubators.Products and services:Title: Incubiz virtual networking and information hub An online platform that provides information on how to develop and market new products, reach new markets and handle property rights and that facilitates networking and an exchange of experience, information and good practice between creative young entrepreneurs. It also allows end-users to share material, facilitating co-production over distance.More information see:, http://www.incubiz.euTitle: Virtual Learning Environment An online platform that provides a comprehensive collection of learning material for self-help about business/personal development and/or specific software.More information see:, http://www.incubiz.euTitle: The Road Tour - Entrepreneurship and co-creating in creative industries A 12-week university programme, taught in four different places in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Northern Ireland, that provides the opportunity to connect with other creatives around Northern Europe, and coaches university students in creative fields how to start up and develop a creative enterprise.More information see: Liikeikkuuna incubator A premise available free of charge, with the possibility to get individual coaching, for students who want to start their own company.More information see: Crazy Town Business Community An operating and learning environment which offers business plan evaluation, management and financial consulting, planning and services, support on how to create a flow of potential customers, encourages and enables co-operation between companies, exchange of experience, offers the possibility to outsource back office/secretary services, enables the joint use of resources and infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies in the creative or knowledge intense industries. By being a member of Crazy Town, small companies become part of a bigger community and group of peers and get inspiration from others.More information see:,



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