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Nordic Leadership Development Seminar 2016
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nordic Conference organized by AIESEC in Sweden in participation with AIESEC in Finland and AIESEC in Norway. March 2016, 50 leaders from three countries participating in the leadership track. The Nordic co-operation that we wish to create through this conference aims to foster a unique sense of collaboration amongst the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The cooperation enables the members of these countries to come together as one region in order to further develop leadership activities and exchange within these countries. We believe this will help drive overall motivation and performance of the members and contribute to their personal development. The connections made during this project will build new and innovative ideas to implement social as well as professional exchange projects within the region. The conference is organized by AIESEC in Norway, Sweden and Finland together and it will be open for members from Denmark, Iceland and Estonia in addition to the members of the organizing countries.The profile of the participants is students of universities that are taking a leadership position within AIESEC. We expect proactive and goal-oriented participants, who are interested in having an international experience. Some key characteristics we expect to see in delegates are: open-minded individuals, ability to learn, integrity, motivation, flexibility, resilience and the ability to adapt to a new environment. During the conference the activities are sessions, workshops, simulation and opening & closing. These spaces provide a combined learning space where the facilitators shares knowledge and the leaders will then directly be able to use the knowledge and work with it through interactive activities. The knowledge they gain is both focused on personal development combined with hands on practical knowledge which will be gained through the workshops and by handling real life situations and challenges through the simulations. To tie everything together and connect the knowledge and purpose of each individual a reflection and sharing space is created in the beginning and ending of each day.To carry out this project an organizing committee is chosen among the local entities which consists of volunteer members. The organizing committee is supported by the national boards of all the partner organizations in executing and ensuring a successful conference. The agenda will be developed by AIESEC in Norway and AIESEC in Sweden and the content of the agenda will be facilitated by members of the national board as well as international AIESECers that has been selected to facilitate. Results and impact We focus on personal and professional development of the members to create stronger leaders. Throughout the time AIESEC in the Nordics has developed leaders as Martti Ahtisaari, tenth president of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Jan Eliasson from Sweden, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. With this project we wish to strengthen the Nordic collaboration which enables us to create action-oriented and aware leaders. We also wish to generate a positive impact in the Nordic society through engaging our delegates in the Nordic YouthSpeak Forum. During this project they will increase awareness of the social issues we are facing in the Nordics, activate a solution oriented mindset and create an action plan of a project that will be executed with the help of the AIESEC platform.Potential longer term benefitsThis conference aims to develop responsible and aware leaders who in the future will be the important decision makers. These are the people that will be shaping the world and take more sustainable decisions to create a positive impact on the world and in the end goal achieve world peace. The projects that are being created during Nordic YouthSpeak aims to tackle a social issue within the Nordics and therefore aims to have a positive impact on the Nordic society.Through increasing the exchange within the Nordics recent graduates get a valuable opportunity to gain practical knowledge within the area of their studies which is one of the main factors that is creating the gap between studies and work. This will in the long term decrease the youth unemployment.



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